The Germ Theory vs. The Terrain Theory

“Germs do not cause any disease. Further, we agree that there is more harm in the fear of germs than there is in the germs themselves.” — Timely Truths on Human Health – Simon Louis Katzoff, M.D. 1921



Panel of Medical Doctors Expose Covid Injection Facts, Effects on Others & What Can Be Done About It! | Drs. Larry Palevsky, Christiane Northrup, Lee Merritt, Sherri Tenpenny, Carrie Madej

You might get a better medical education in just over an hour with this video below than maybe years in medical school! And you get to watch this for free! Click here and scroll down to video: 

Learn more from the doctors in this video:

Dr. Christine Northrup

Dr. Lee Merritt

Dr. Larry Palevsky

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Tenpenny online training webinar

Dr. Carrie Madej

Additional resource with potential solutions: 

(Disclaimer: I am not making any health claims and this information is for research purposes only)

Btw, after you watch these videos and continue to learn more, watch this professor teach West Point soldiers about technology for human mind & DNA control.

It might connect a lot of dots for you. 

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Source: Panel of Medical Doctors Expose Covid Injection Facts, Effects on Others & What Can Be Done About It!


The other day, I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Lawrence Palevsky all about the current global situation and specifically in regards to the “you know what”. He goes DEEP! I look forward to sharing the full film on our new platform dedicated to FREE SPEECH and EXPANSIVE KNOWLEDGE…


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Is It Contagious? | Jason Shurka

In this video, I share insights, studies and history which has been hidden from the masses that has led us down a path of misguidance. I encourage you all to do your own research and come down to your own conclusions. “The Rosenau Experiment” is a great place to start.

Divided we fall…


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The Real Truth About Health Conference, Melville, NY – Wow! Look what’s coming up. Check this out!

The Real Truth About Health is having the world’s largest free live health and environmental conference being held in Melville, NY. April 23-May 2, 2021

Source: The Real Truth About Health Conference, Melville, NY

Covid-19: EXPOSED (OFFICIAL MOVIE) | Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky & Jason Shurka

This is the Covid-19: EXPOSED Official Movie. This is a 30-minute film in which the world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky, reveals the scientifically-backed TRUTH regarding the coronavirus.

In case this video is censored/deleted from YouTube, it will also be available to watch and download on my website:…

I look forward for you all to see this film filled with TRUTH!

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The Truth About What Kills And What Heals – By Author Brian Clement – Hippocrates Institute

“Food And Lifestyles That Kill, Food And Lifestyles That Heal (A New Comprehensive Lecture) by Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N
Did you know that what you eat could be making you sick? It’s true. Some foods such as poultry, beef, and dairy clog your body with energy-depleting fats, toxins, and chemicals. Where can you find the optimum nourishment your body needs to stay strong, healthy, and vigorous? For millions of people, the answer is in the health and healing properties of living foods—foods that are eaten raw and produced without dangerous, nutrient-robbing chemicals or additives.
For more than forty years, Brian Clement has been teaching people how to cleanse and heal their bodies with naturally potent living foods. Brian explains why living foods are vital to good health.
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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.
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Are There Studies Linking Cell Phones In Pockets To Erectile Dysfunction, Lower Sperm Counts Or Lower Fertility Rates? What About Brain Cancer? Theodora Scarato

The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and 5G by Theodora Scarato

Theodora Scarato directs EHT programs and coordinates scientific programs in the US and internationally with EHTs Senior Science Advisors. Scarato is lead policy analyst and researcher for the EHT database on international actions– the most comprehensive collection of information on policy actions on cell phones and wireless. She previously worked with EHT as Director of Educational Resources and Public Affairs, developing educational resources for communities and governments.

She has co-founded several organizations both locally and nationally that address environmental health and safety concerns. As a practicing clinical psychotherapist, her two decades of work with children and adolescents includes directing an intensive special education therapy program in Montgomery County Schools and working a psychotherapist at an ADHD clinic. Her research interests include not only the effects from radiation exposures but also the social emotional effects of technology overuse.