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Astonishingly, the UK public health authority has announced that this flu season has not seen a single case of influenza. The US and elsewhere are showing similar numbers. Has the flu disappeared? If so, why? The “experts” are claiming that hand-washing, masks, and social distancing have defeated the flu virus. So why didn’t those measures work against the Covid virus? Also today, social media morphs into NATO cheerleaders…

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These 7 States Are On The Verge Of Herd Immunity | Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge.com

Nothing seems to scare the establishment more than a return to ‘normal’. And by ‘normal’, we mean a return to an environment outside of the tyrannical control of career politicians and bureaucrats who have got a taste for this ‘being king’ stuff and know that anyone who questions their edicts will be ‘canceled’ by their Covidian cultists.

So, a week after Johns Hopkins surgeon, Dr. Marty Makary, penned an Op-ed in the WSJ saying that we will have herd immunity by April… and was instantly disavowed as ‘dangerous’, some awkward ‘facts’ and ‘science’ have been dropped by none other than FundStrat’s Tom Lee.

“…cumulatively and slowly, the US is seeing more states reach that combined level of vaccinations + infections approach what is seen as herd immunity.”


So far, South Dakota, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, and Tennessee are the nearest.

Lee’s “math” – which we also know is racist – appears to fit with Makary’s arguments for why the recent plunge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths is not policy-related (no matter how much the politicians and their media lackeys push that narrative):

 “…the consistent and rapid decline in daily cases since Jan. 8 can be explained only by natural immunity. Behavior didn’t suddenly improve over the holidays; Americans traveled more over Christmas than they had since March. Vaccines also don’t explain the steep decline in January. Vaccination rates were low and they take weeks to kick in.”

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Source: These 7 States Are On The Verge Of Herd Immunity

India’s dramatic fall in virus cases leaves experts stumped – Breitbart.com

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in India, there were fears it would sink the fragile health system of the world’s second-most populous country

India’s dramatic fall in virus cases leaves experts stumped


Associated PressThe Associated PressNEW DELHI

NEW DELHI (AP) — When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in India, there were fears it would sink the fragile health system of the world’s second-most populous country. Infections climbed dramatically for months and at one point India looked like it might overtake the United States as the country with the highest case toll.

But infections began to plummet in September, and now the country is reporting about 11,000 new cases a day, compared to a peak of nearly 100,000, leaving experts perplexed.

They have suggested many possible explanations for the sudden drop — seen in almost every region — including that some areas of the country may have reached herd immunity or that Indians may have some preexisting protection from the virus.

The Indian government has also partly attributed the dip in cases to mask-wearing, which is mandatory in public in India and violations draw hefty fines in some cities. But experts have noted the situation is more complicated since the decline is uniform even though mask compliance is flagging in some areas.

It’s more than just an intriguing puzzle; determining what’s behind the drop in infections could help authorities control the virus in the country, which has reported nearly 11 million cases and over 155,000 deaths. Some 2.4 million people have died worldwide.

“If we don’t know the reason, you could unknowingly be doing things that could lead to a flare-up,” said Dr. Shahid Jameel, who studies viruses at India’s Ashoka University.

India, like other countries, misses many infections, and there are questions about how it’s counting virus deaths. But the strain on the country’s hospitals has also declined in recent weeks, a further indication the virus’s spread is slowing. When recorded cases crossed 9 million in November, official figures showed nearly 90% of all critical care beds with ventilators in New Delhi were full. On Thursday, 16% of these beds were occupied.

That success can’t be attributed to vaccinations since India only began administering shots in January — but as more people get a vaccine, the outlook should look even better, though experts are also concerned about variants identified in many countries that appear to be more contagious and render some treatments and vaccines less effective.

Among the possible explanations for the fall in cases is that some large areas have reached herd immunity — the threshold at which enough people have developed immunity to the virus, by falling sick or being vaccinated, that the spread begins to slacken, said Vineeta Bal, who studies immune systems at India’s National Institute of Immunology.

But experts have cautioned that even if herd immunity in some places is partially responsible for the decline, the population as a whole remains vulnerable — and must continue to take precautions.

This is especially true because new research suggests that people who got sick with one form of the virus may be able to get infected again with a new version. Bal, for instance, pointed to a recent survey in Manaus, Brazil, that estimated that over 75% of people there had antibodies for the virus in October — before cases surged again in January.

“I don’t think anyone has the final answer,” she said.

And, in India, the data is not as dramatic. A nationwide screening for antibodies by Indian health agencies estimated that about 270 million, or one in five Indians, had been infected by the virus before vaccinations started — that’s far below the rate of 70% or higher that experts say might be the threshold for the coronavirus, though even that is not certain.

“The message is that a large proportion of the population remains vulnerable,” said Dr. Balram Bhargava, who heads India’s premier medical research body, the Indian Council of Medical Research.

But the survey offered other insight into why India’s infections might be falling. It showed that more people had been infected in India’s cities than in its villages, and that the virus was moving more slowly through the rural hinterland.

“Rural areas have lesser crowd density, people work in open spaces more and homes are much more ventilated,” said Dr. K. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India.

If some urban areas are moving closer to herd immunity — wherever that threshold lies — and are also limiting transmission through masks and physical distancing and thus are seeing falling cases, then maybe the low speed at which the virus is passing through rural India can help explain sinking numbers, suggested Reddy.

Another possibility is that many Indians are exposed to a variety of diseases throughout their lives — cholera, typhoid and tuberculosis, for instance, are prevalent — and this exposure can prime the body to mount a stronger, initial immune response to a new virus.

“If the COVID virus can be controlled in the nose and throat, before it reaches the lungs, it doesn’t become as serious. Innate immunity works at this level, by trying to reduce the viral infection and stop it from getting to the lungs,” said Jameel, of Ashoka University.

Despite the good news in India, the rise of new variants has added another challenge to efforts here and around the globe to bring the pandemic under control. Scientists have identified several variants in India, including some that have been blamed for causing new infections in people who already had an earlier version of the virus. But they are still studying the public health implications.

Experts are considering if variants may be driving a surge in cases in the the southern state of Kerala, which had previously been hailed as a blueprint for tackling the virus. Kerala now accounts for nearly half of India’s current COVID-19 cases. Government-funded research has suggested that a more contagious version of the virus could be at play, and efforts to sequence its genome are ongoing.

With the reasons behind India’s success unclear, experts are concerned that people will let down their guard. Large parts of India have already returned to normal life. In many cities, markets are heaving, roads are crowded and restaurants nearly full.

“With the reducing numbers, I feel that the worst of COVID is over,” said M. B. Ravikumar, an architect who was hospitalized last year and recovered. “And we can all breathe a sigh of relief.”

Maybe not yet, said Jishnu Das, a health economist at Georgetown University who advises the West Bengal state on handling the pandemic.

“We don’t know if this will come back after three to four months,” he warned.


Source: India’s dramatic fall in virus cases leaves experts stumped – Breitbart

One-Third of Troops Turning Down CCP Virus Vaccine: Pentagon | theepochtimes.com

A health worker prepares a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine to be administered in Fiumicino, near Rome’s international airport on Feb. 11, 2021. (Alessandra Tarantino/AP Photo)

About one-third of U.S. military troops have turned down the vaccine for the CCP virus, or the novel coronavirus, said the Pentagon on Wednesday.

Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, a top official in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the military has a two-thirds acceptance rate for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine.

“Our initial look—and this is of course very early data—is acceptance rates are somewhere in the two-thirds territory,” Taliaferro said in a hearing. “And of course, it varies by different groups.”

“We believe that, of course, the vaccine is the right thing to do. It’s clearly safe for service members,” Taliaferro said, noting that military officials want personnel to get the shot, reported Politico. “And we need to continue to educate our force and help them understand the benefits.”

Maj. Gen. Steven Nordhaus, the head of operations for the National Guard Bureau, told the panel that the National Guard had an acceptance rate of “two-thirds to 70 percent,” mirroring the military at large.

Specifically, of about 916,000 doses administered to Department of Defense (DOD) personnel, 359,000 have received at least one dose, while 147,000 are fully vaccinated, said Bob Salesses, who is acting defense secretary for homeland defense and global security, according to the Military Times.

Salesses told the hearing that “it’ll probably be sometime in late July, August” before the DOD vaccinates its civilian, military, and contractor workforce.

“With new variants popping up across the globe, I’m not sure we can wait two years” for the full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) said in the hearing, according to the Military Times. “It’s critical for our national security that every service member, as well as DOD civilian personnel and contractors, receive vaccines as soon as possible.”

Previously, the DOD did not specify how many soldiers were declining the shot.

A spokesman for the agency, John Kirby told Politico and other news outlets on Wednesday that the DOD doesn’t have a system in place to track vaccinations among troops. He dispelled the idea that the Pentagon is withholding information from news outlets and the public.

“Nobody is hiding data,” Kirby said. “We don’t have a system in place across the services to specifically track data with respect to those individuals who for whatever reason are declining.”

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for the CCP virus are under emergency-use authorization by the FDA. It means the agency has not fully cleared their usage.

The Epoch Times has reached out to the Pentagon for comment.

Source: One-Third of Troops Turning Down CCP Virus Vaccine: Pentagon

The Real Truth About Health Conference, Melville, NY – Wow! Look what’s coming up. Check this out!

The Real Truth About Health is having the world’s largest free live health and environmental conference being held in Melville, NY. April 23-May 2, 2021

Source: The Real Truth About Health Conference, Melville, NY

Bill Gates: Third Shot May Be Needed to Combat Coronavirus Variants • Children’s Health Defense | Megan Redshaw, M.D. | The Defender  | childrenshealthdefense.org

Gates told CBS News we might need a third shot of a currently available vaccine, or a “modified” vaccine as the virus mutates, but CHD’s RFK, Jr. asks why we haven’t focused instead on non-vaccine strategies, including therapeutic drugs.

With more than 40 million Americans having received at least the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, a third dose may be needed to prevent the spread of new variants of the disease, Bill Gates told CBS News Tuesday.

Gates’ comments come amid growing concern that the current vaccines are not effective against the more contagious Brazilian and South African variants.

Pfizer and Moderna have stated that their vaccines are 95% and 99% effective, respectively, against the initial strain of COVID. However, some scientists have questioned those statements. Additionally, the World Health Organization and vaccine companies have conceded that the vaccines do not prevent people from being infected with COVID or from transmitting it, but are only effective at reducing symptoms.

Gates told CBS Evening News:

“The discussion now is do we just need to get a super high coverage of the current vaccine, or do we need a third dose that’s just the same, or do we need a modified vaccine?”

U.S. vaccine companies are looking at making modifications, which Gates refers to as “tuning.”

People who have had two shots may need to get a third shot and people who have not yet been vaccinated would need the modified vaccine, explained Gates. When asked whether the coronavirus vaccine would be similar to the flu vaccine, which requires yearly boosters, Gates couldn’t rule that out. Until the virus is eradicated from all humans, Gates said, additional shots may be needed in the future.

AstraZeneca in particular has a challenge with the variant,” Gates explained. “And the other two, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax, are slightly less effective, but still effective enough that we absolutely should get them out as fast as we can while we study this idea of tuning the vaccine.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the studies being conducted in Brazil and South Africa, CBS News said. The foundation has also invested in the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and the Novavax vaccines, which are being tested against new variants. Once the AstraZeneca vaccine is approved, the Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative or GAVI, founded by Gates, will distribute it globally.

“Gates continues to move the goalposts,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense. “Meanwhile the strategies he and others have promoted are obliterating the global economy, demolishing the middle class, making the rich richer and censoring vaccine safety advocates, like me.”

Kennedy said that the exclusive focus on vaccines has prevented the kind of progress required to actually address and recover from the pandemic:

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Source: Bill Gates: Third Shot May Be Needed to Combat Coronavirus Variants • Children’s Health Defense

“They didn’t isolate the virus,” Feb 16 by Jon Rappoport | NoMoreFakeNews.com

Chief Chinese epidemiologist tells NBC News—referring to samples taken from the Wuhan market a year ago

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2021

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The Chinese scientist’s name is Dr. Wu Zunyou. He is the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. NBC News reporter, Janis Mackey Frayer, conducted a brief interview with Dr. Zunyou on January 23, 2021.

Frayer mentioned that “samples” were taken, a year ago, at the beginning of the “outbreak,” from the infamous Huanan market in Wuhan. She then asked Dr. Zunyou, “Why has the data not been shared?”

He answered, “They didn’t isolate the virus.” He was referring to tissue samples taken from animals sold at the market.

That’s an interesting answer. Why have researchers and scientists claimed SARS-CoV-2 crossed species from animals to humans at that market, when no one ever isolated the virus from samples taken at the market?

The next, and far bigger question, is: When Dr. Zunyou says, “They didn’t isolate the virus,” is he ONLY referring to tissue samples taken from animals at the market? Or does his answer also apply to the first 40 human cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, which were claimed to result from a newly discovered coronavirus?

I’ve queried Dr. Zunyou. We’ll see if he replies.

I’ve spent the last year demonstrating that no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists. I’ve also explained why people are dying, why the PCR test is meaningless and useless and deceptive, why the case and death numbers are meaningless, and why the con is being foisted on the global population.

Since the early days of the “pandemic,” many scientists authoring papers have claimed they isolated the virus. However, I’ve explained how, in Orwellian fashion, they torture and twist and reverse the meaning of the word, “isolate,” so it signifies the opposite of what it ACTUALLY means.

I’ve also explained that the so-called genetic sequencing of the virus is another con. It isn’t the result of looking through some sort of cosmic microscope at genes lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot. It’s a process using a computer program to stitch together DATA— PRESUMED pieces of a virus—based on speculation, bias, pretension, and sheer hype. Rather than science.

Based on no evidence of a new virus, the Chinese regime locked down 50 million citizens. Fairly soon, they lifted the lockdowns and pushed their economy into high gear again.

They provided the model of lockdowns to the West, where elite players—Bill Gates, the CDC, the World Health Organization, the United Nations—praised the Chinese regime and adopted their lockdown strategy; thus wrecking national economies and hundreds of millions of lives.

This is called a COVERT OPERATION. It had nothing to do with science. The operation was based on selling A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS.

For literate people, the word “isolate” indicates: a thing is separated from all other material surrounding it. Very simple. However, for virologists, the word means: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in the lab.” UN-ISOLATED.

Virologists state: The soup consists of the virus, plus human and animal cells, plus (toxic) drugs and chemicals, plus all sorts of other genetic material.

They know the virus is in the soup, because some of the cells are dying. The virus must be killing the cells.

WRONG. The toxic drugs and chemicals could certainly be killing the cells. The cells are also being starved of vital nutrients, and that fact alone could account for cell-death.

There is no isolation. There is no proof a virus is in the soup. There is no proof a virus is killing cells. There is no proof the virus exists.

The Matrix Revealed

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles | How China Has Collected DNA From American Citizens | Pamela A. Popper, President | Wellness Forum Health

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles
How China Has Collected DNA From American Citizens
Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

According to a fact sheet from the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), China is and has been collecting healthcare data and DNA from Americans for a very long time.[i][1] One of the means for collecting this data has been through investing in American biotech companies and partnering with hospitals and universities.

In 2010, Chinese genetics company BGI received a $1.5 billion loan from the Chinese government-run China Development Bank for the purpose of expansion. The company entered the U.S. market and started getting access to user data when it purchased California sequence-machine maker Complete Genomics for $118 million in 2013. BGI, along with other Chinese companies, has formed partnerships with American hospitals, university research centers, and research institutes.[ii][2]

According to the NCSC fact sheet, the partnerships are welcomed by American institutions because they enable expanded research opportunities, “…while Chinese firms gain access to more genetic data on more diverse sets of people, which they can use for new medical products and services.”[iii][3] According to a 2019 report, at least 15 Chinese firms are licensed to perform genetic tests or sequencing in the U.S.[iv][4]

The COVID-19 debacle has presented a great opportunity to accelerate these efforts. BGI Group has aggressively promoted COVID-19 tests, and by August 2020 had sold 35 million rapid COVID-19 tests to 180 countries and built laboratories in 18 of them.[v][5]

In March 2020, when Washington State had only a few COVID-19 cases, BGI proposed in a letter to the state that it would build and operate COVID-19 testing labs and provide technical expertise, high throughput sequencers, and even to “make additional donations,” whatever that means. According to Bill Evanina, a former top counterintelligence official and veteran of the FBI and CIA, BGI is connected both to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to its military. He told CBS news that he had warned the public that the Chinese could collect, store, and exploit data collected from COVID-19 tests.[vi][6]

What does the Chinese government do with this information? According to FBI Supervisory Special Agent Edward You, the Chinese are building a huge genomic database and are particularly interested in the U.S. population due to its ethnic diversity. The assumption is that the data base will be used to develop artificial intelligence and new personalized medicines. The downside is that this could make the U.S. even more dependent on China for drugs and treatments. And some of the ways in which the CCP uses artificial intelligence is frightening.

According to Sophie Richardson, director of the China program for Human Rights Watch, one of the ways in which the Chinese use artificial intelligence is to monitor the Uyghurs, a minority Muslim population. The Chinese use facial recognition software, surveillance cameras, WF-FI sniffers and other technology to constantly monitor the region in which these people live. They are forbidden to use their language, and to practice their religion. And they are subject to forced collection of DNA which is used to target other family members and to further develop their facial recognition software. Approximately one million Uyghurs have been arrested and jailed in camps.[vii][7]

In July 2020 the U.S. Department of Commerce sanctioned two subsidiaries of BGI for participating in Uyghur repression, and for collecting genetic information from the Uyghurs without consent.[viii][8]

BGI’s proposal to build labs in Washington State, and five other states, was turned down after federal officials warned against the partnerships. But the tests and sequencing equipment are in use in the U.S. According to Evanina, the Chinese fetch the data electronically and give a copy back to the lab that houses the sequencing machines.

This is not surprising, according to both You and Evanina, because China is the world’s leader in cyber hacking. In December 2020 John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence, called China the number one national security threat to the U.S. due to their theft of data and technology.[ix][9] Evanina says that 80% of American adults have had all of their personally identifiable information stolen by the CCP.

Indeed, China has been caught stealing the healthcare data of Americans before. In February 2015, Chinese hackers managed to penetrate the servers for health insurer Anthem and obtained personal data on over 78 million people.[x][10] According to Evanina, a major concern about this is that there are no private companies in China. Chinese laws actually require that companies like BGI must share their data with the government if asked to do so by the CCP. This means that all of the DNA data gathered on Americans by BGI through their tests is, by extension, also the property of the Chinese government.[xi][11]

This is very disconcerting. I don’t know any thinking person who would feel comfortable knowing that personal DNA obtained through a COVID-19 test was in the possession of the CCP or any foreign government. And there is nothing that can be done about it. A demand from the U.S. to return the data without retaining copies is not likely to be made, and if made it is not likely to result in any response form the CCP.

This is another reason to refuse testing for COVID-19 if at all possible, and to be very cautious when providing health information to a provider or consenting to tests of any type. You can no longer assume that your data is safe from foreign governments including the CCP.  

[xii][1] China’s Collection of Genomic and Other Healthcare Data From America: Risks to Privacy and U.S. Economic and National Security. Feb 2021 https://www.dni.gov/files/NCSC/documents/SafeguardingOurFuture/NCSC_China_Genomics_Fact_Sheet_2021.pdf
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