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V-Revealed 2020: [video] IT’S HERE! Episode 9 – Keeping it up one more day!


HE* got death threats.

We have a hot-off-the-press 2020 exclusive interview with a well-known doctor.

His name is so controversial, we can’t even type it out, or our emails are flagged and will not get delivered.

Here’s a hint:

He noticed something in his patients after their routine “shots”.


…Simply raised the question about the connection between MMR and autism.

This updated interview is mind-blowing.

You will not hear this anywhere else, and we have had to work some serious loopholes to even bring it to you.


** if it’s not playing, hang tight, we have several backups in place and will have it back up and running within 30 minutes.


Make sure and catch what Sayer Ji says about “hazmat suits” in doctors offices in the first 5 minutes.


What about the most controversial shot of all time… Gardasil.

You’ll be appalled when you hear what Brian Hooker (quickly becoming a watcher favorite) has to say about that @ 22:32 in this episode.

And tonight – what a treat: I have the honor of introducing you to Dr. Heather Wolfson. And boy, will she reel you in!

Interestingly, Heather is married to Dr. Jack Wolfson – a Board-Certified Cardiologist.

And just wait until you hear how Dr. Jack Wolfson was vilified for his atypical views on medicine @ 49:14.

As a parent, you’ll connect with the message.


… What you’ve been overwhelmingly longing for…

I can’t even count the number of messages, emails and reaching out with this singular question:

Dr. Gentempo – “So what do I do now?”

Well, you are in for a real treat. Dr. Dan Pompa – a Cellular Detox Expert will be talking expressly about this issue – for those of you who’ve had those questions.

You’ll find yourself leaning in for this one.


With purpose,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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Hurdles T. Colin Campbell Overcame To Make His Research Available To The Public – The Real Truth About Health Conference

For decades T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. has been at the forefront of nutrition education and research. Dr. Campbell’s expertise and scientific interests encompass relationships between diet and disease, particularly the causation of cancer. His legacy, the China Project, is one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition ever conducted. The New York Times has recognized the study as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology.”

Dr. Campbell is the coauthor of the bestselling book The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-term Health, and author of the New York Times bestseller Whole, and The Low-Carb Fraud. He is featured in several documentaries including the blockbuster Forks Over Knives, Eating You Alive, Food Matters, Plant Pure Nation and others. He is the founder of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and the online Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate in partnership with eCornell.

Dr. Campbell has conducted original research both in laboratory experiments and in large-scale human studies; received over 70 grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding (mostly with NIH), served on grant review panels of multiple funding agencies, actively participated in the development of national and international nutrition policy, authored over 300 research papers and given hundreds of lectures around the world.

He was trained at Cornell University (M.S., Ph.D.) and MIT (Research Associate) in nutrition, biochemistry, and toxicology. Dr. Campbell spent 10 years on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition before returning to Cornell in 1975 where he presently holds his Endowed Chair as the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry in the Division of Nutritional Sciences.

Visit Dr. Campbell’s website: https://nutritionstudies.org/ 

Connect with The Real Truth About Health http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/ https://www.facebook.com/The-Real-Tru… https://www.instagram.com/therealtrut… https://twitter.com/RTAHealth

Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

[Ep. #8] Premiere of Trace Amounts – V-Revealed – updated 9/16 a.m.

“The more I researched, the more I couldn’t believe my eyes, and the more I knew there was no way I could just sit back and not do anything about this.

I quit my career, moved into an RV, hired a production crew, and hit the road for years attending Autism conferences, filming Autism rallies, performing experiments with scientists, interviewing everyone and anyone who would talk to us, and so much more.

When the tour was over, I spent the next two years sifting through almost 300 hours of video footage, thousands of leaked documents, closed-door meeting transcripts, and countless scientific studies.

It then took me another 3 years working with my post-production team to piece everything together into what has become the feature documentary film you’re about to see.”

Filmmaker: Eric Gladen

This movie is the true story of the mercury poisoning of Eric Gladen – and his painful journey.

Follow his quest for the scientific truth about the role of mercury poisoning in the current Autism Epidemic.

Mercury is a known toxin that causes debilitating neurological and physical damage… 

So why and how did it end up in our childhood shots?

Click here to enjoy tonight’s Worldwide Free Premiere of TRACE AMOUNTS.


Part 3 of our shocking interview with Brian Hooker. – This one’s a head shaker.  

He tells of his encounters with Dr. Thompson. 

Thompson’s study showed a significant statistical correlation between thimerosal/mercury in these shots and neurological tics in boys. 

And instead of investigating this, a chief CDC official came down on Thompson and said “You will not publish this result…”

“The CDC site states that thimerosal is safe and exposure has no risk. 

… Nothing could be further from the truth”



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ADDED 9/16 a.m.:

Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet – much more toxic than lead.

Mercury at 200 parts per billion is the level in liquid that EPA classifies as hazardous waste.

50,000 – FIFTY THOUSAND parts per billion is the concentration of mercury in most thimerosal-containing v@*c!nes

That’s 250 TIMES more toxic than the EPA warns us is HAZARDOUS WASTE!

Society has put several institutions in place to take care of our children:

FIRST is the FDA. It’s their job to license [medical shots] and to affirmatively prove they are safe.

…They have failed.

SECOND – the CDC is supposed to mandate [medical shots] based on safety and need.

…They have failed.

The THIRD group to protect kids is the doctors; The American Academy of Pediatrics.

…They have failed.

The FOURTH group – Industry; they’re normally responsible for ensuring safety because they can be sued if they make an unsafe product.

…But they have failed too… 

And, they’re off the hook…remember that secret “court?”

Don’t believe this is going on in our world?

See for yourself in Episode 8 

It’s only available online for  24 hours, and will be pulled down tonight @ 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST to make room for Episode 9.

Watch Now

With purpose,



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THERE IS NO STATE OF EMERGENCY (+ my #PMO for today!) Peggy Hall

#pmo Monday 🇺🇸💯🙏👍
The Healthy American
“Action proceeds motivation” Instead of waiting to feel courageous… Take action first – and the courage is a side effect!
I also share with you some basic reminders that:
✅ There is no health emergency. An emergency is sudden, unexpected, and has potential for great calamity. An emergency does not last for several months. There is a pre-emergency stage, an actual emergency, a recovery stage, and a mitigation stage. We are in the recovery and mitigation stages. The governors have even said so, with all if their phases and stages for reopening. You can’t be in the emergency room and in the recovery room at the same time.
✅ You do not need to prove that there is no emergency. The burden of proof is on those making the claim.
✅ Therefore all emergency health orders are null and void. 
✅ You do not need to show evidence that masks are harmful. The burden of proof is on those making the claim. They are the ones who need to show that masks work and do not have harmful side effects.
✅ No governor, mayor, city manager, or sheriff may make a law
✅ No store may enforce a policy that violates the law
✅ You have the right to enter any public place of accommodation, like restaurants, stores, banks, etc without wearing a mask.
✅ You are not trespassing because these are places of public accommodation and you have the right to be there
✅ Parents, do not send your children to school if others are wearing masks. I have better options for you
✅ Don’t steal someone’s information and pass it off as your own. Just give the attribution or link. Otherwise you are stealing intellectual property — and it violates copyright law.
✅ Pray for the naysayers and drown them out with your love snd light. They are lost souls under the influence of evil. Thank you for standing with me for truth and freedom!! I appreciate you!
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Update on Our Lawsuit and Basis for Legal Challenges – Wellness Forum Health – Dr. Pam Popper

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More from Jon Rappoport: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/15/grand-ohio-covid-legal-case-against-kings-on-their-thrones/ 

Wait no more!…. V-Revealed Ep #7 NOW LIVE! 

In today’s “pandemic” world, will you be able to make a choice about what happens to YOUR body (or your child’s body)?


Are you going to be forced against your will?

And… what if you do it unwittingly because the true side-effects are not disclosed?

This is about personal space – this is about Human Rights.

This is about some of the most fundamental issues that affect human beings.

To compel shots against one’s will is against individual rights and your health freedom.

“I believe in individual rights.”

-Dr. Patrick Gentempo


Front and center: Current, up-to-the-minute interview with Dr. Zach Bush.

Zach is one of the very few Triple Board Certified doctors in the United States.

What he knows about viruses, the immune system, and how that all fits into our current 2020 “pandemic” is life-changing.

“I began looking into V[**]cine safety when I realized that my two daughters were injured by these shots”

-Gayle Delong Ph.D.

I looked and realized that every time they got one of “these shots” it got worse…

“If you asked your doctor, ‘Name 3 ingredients in that syringe,’ most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you.”

-Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

This is a must-see night.


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Latest from the V-Revealed Docu-Series folks

We’re getting an overwhelming number of messages and emails with emotion and resounding response to the Worldwide Premiere of the movie, V**CINE SYNDROME.

This is a documentary by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Scott Miller.  

It’s up until tonight @ 9pm EST / 6 pm PST.

If you haven’t watched it yet…

Make sure and catch it now HERE!


See what the military is doing with their dangerous, untested immunization program – making lab rats of our soldiers.

Please share this episode with anyone you know who’s involved with the military and who cares about the truth.

Thank you for your comments and your support.




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New! Concierge Program For Cancer Patients From Wellness Forum Health – Pam Popper

New!  Concierge Program For Cancer Patients
From Wellness Forum Health

Call 614-841-7700 or email shermank@wellnessforum.com

The decisions made by cancer patients are some of the most important they will ever make.

Survival can depend on choosing the right diagnostic tests, the right treatment protocols, and the right healthcare providers. Conventional treatments are often not as effective as represented, and getting accurate information from doctors can be challenging. Evaluating the seemingly unlimited array of alternative treatments can be just as daunting. Add to this some justifiable fear, along with pressure from well-meaning family and friends, and it’s no wonder cancer patients feel overwhelmed.

We can help!
Outcomes are better when decisions are well thought-out and based on data!

Our specialty – informed medical decision-making – involves evaluating the risks and benefits of diets, supplements, tests, drugs, and procedures. Once decisions are made, we assist with logistics which include dietary change, negotiating with doctors and institutions, communication with family members, and emotional support.

Our concierge program for cancer patients includes:

Concierge Membership Foundational courses (InforMED 101 and InforMED 201)Access to an online articles library (new ones added weekly!)Access to an online video library (over 200 videos)Monthly Q&A sessions with Pam PopperMonthly live classes on health-related topics and booksOne-on-one sessions with our Informed specialistsOne-on-one sessions with our dietitians
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Cancer 201 Online in-depth exploration of alternative treatments and treatment centers including IV vitamin C therapy, dietary supplements, Rife Machines, Hoxey, green tea, medicinal mushrooms, hyperthermia, immunotherapy, energy healing and more!
  Monthly Support Conference Calls These calls offer an opportunity for discussion, information sharing, and community for patients as they go through the process of regaining their health.
Tuition: $1495 (one year).  

Just found these great articles on Pam’s MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN site. Be sure to visit and see some good news!

A Deal with the Devil 

How would you feel if the next brand new car you bought came with the following disclaimer:

This car is sold “as is”. The buyer assumes all responsibility for this vehicle. There is no warranty expressed or implied. There is no guarantee that the following will not occur unexpectedly:

– Brake failure
– Loss of steering
– Uncommanded acceleration, braking or lane changes
– Wheel falls off while driving
– Catastrophic engine failure
– Doors fall off
– Windshield implodes

The buyer understands and agrees to the fact that he/she/it has no recourse whatsoever if the vehicle fails to perform as advertised or if any serious or deadly bodily harm results from driving said car.

So again I’ll ask, how would you feel about buying this car and placing your life in the hands of the manufacturer?

But wait a minute before you answer because there’s more to consider.

Ask yourself this question as well. In the above scenario how much time, effort, money and diligence would the manufacturer invest to ensure the car performed safely and efficiently? Well since they have absolutely no liability they would most likely spend virtually nothing on safety and efficiency because the buyer has no recourse; it’s just human nature.

Oh sure, they would have to pretend to be diligently beavering away to make the car safe and efficient but with no legal recourse regardless of what they sell there would be no incentive to actually deliver on those promises. It’s all about the optics.

So where am I going with this crazy scenario?

Back in 1986 Congress and the pharmaceutical companies passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which exempted the drug companies from any liability whatsoever for the vaccines they manufacturer.    It’s really no different from giving car manufacturers blanket liability protection for the vehicles they build and sell to the public.

Right now the Covid vaccine is being “WARP SPEEDED” through trials taking safety testing shortcuts so we can all be safe from Covid-19. But instead of a car they want to inject this unproven, possibly DNA altering vaccine directly into your body.

The government claims that in order to get the pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines they must be given carte blanche immunity from any type of legal recourse. No matter the trauma, pain, retardation or even death that may be caused by said vaccine the victim, er patient, has absolutely no legal recourse.

So if there are no consequences for the manufacturer if they happen to make a mistake and wind up poisoning huge numbers of people (as has happened in the not so distant past) they’re home free! And since the political pressure to come up with something, regardless of the safety or efficacy, is massive you can be sure that indeed a miracle vaccine will appear in the not too distant future.

If you wouldn’t buy a car with these restrictions why would you ever let them inject you with an unproven vaccine that could cause much greater human suffering than the illness it was supposed to protect you from?

Get ready, because mandatory vaccines are coming. I will not comply!

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Source: A Deal with the Devil