How Not to Die from Diabetes | – Dr. Michael Greger

We’ve known since the 1930s that type 2 diabetes can be prevented, arrested, and even reversed with a plant-based diet. Within five years of following the diet, about a quarter of the diabetic patients in that early study were able to get off insulin altogether.

Plant-based diets are relatively low in calories, though. Is it possible their diabetes just got better because they lost so much weight? To tease that out, we need a study where people are switched to a healthy diet but forced to eat so much food they don’t lose any weight. Then we could see if plant-based diets have specific benefits beyond all the easy weight loss. We had to wait 44 years for such a study, which I then discuss it in my video How Not to Die from Diabetes.

Subjects were weighed every day. If they started losing weight, they were made to eat more food—so much more food in fact that some of the participants had problems eating it all. They eventually adapted, though, so there was no significant weight change despite restricting meat, eggs, dairy, and junk.

Without any weight loss, did a plant-based diet still help? Overall insulin requirements were cut about 60 percent, and half the diabetics were able to get off their insulin altogether. How many years did that take? Not years. An average of 16 days. Only 16 days.

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Stephanie Spencer returns to share the latest whole food, plant-based research news from the experts on October 7 at Natural Grocers!

Read about it in her own words!

Hello friends, 

I have met most of you at various Farmer’s Markets and we may have discussed in passing the health benefits of a Plant-Based Diet while you were buying microgreens. 

Our family switched to a Plant Based Diet at the beginning of this year because my husband was diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  I’ve been an RN for 27 years, caring mostly for end-stage heart failure patients and I knew the serious ramifications of chronic diseases like diabetes (as well as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and many more) on long-term health.  So I immediately switched our entire family (including 3 teen aged boys) to a plant based diet, and within 4 months, Paul’s pre-diabetes was gone!  You can read more details from my bio below.

So now I’m pleased to announce that I have completed a certification in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies offered through Cornell University.  ( ) The extensive education I received through this program was so eye-opening and confirmed many of my experiences with my patients that I previously never had a good explanation for.   From ecology, agriculture, disease causation on a cellular level, and the staggering results of clinical trials in reversing chronic disease, I learned so much and want to be able to share this information with everyone!

I will be giving another presentation entitled “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” at Natural Grocers (9210 N Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72227)  with the Plant Strong Club this coming Monday, Oct. 7th at 6 pm.  It is free and everyone is invited!

We will discuss the research in reversing common diseases like diabetes and coronary artery disease through plant-based nutrition. We’ll also explore the connection between complete animal protein and cancer promotion discovered by Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s research and discuss the most common question-“how can I get enough protein on a plant-based diet?”  This will be a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you’ve ever had about Plant Based Nutrition.  And we’ll have broccoli microgreens available for purchase afterwards as well!

Starting in early October, I will also be offering Plant Based Wellness Consulting services if you are interested in trying this approach for a health issue you may be struggling with.  Please check out my new website We will design an individualized plan for you taking into account your specific health issues by reviewing your past medical history, lab results, and current meds.  We’ll take into account your eating preferences, your work/life schedule, and will work with family members or loved ones who may or may not be on the same stage as you in this journey.  Through this venue, I will also communicate with your doctor directly about your desire to try a plant-based approach and answer his/her questions about this way of eating with the research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach.   I also offer follow up coaching as you transition to this new way of eating.  Our family was actually surprised to find how easy it was to stick to this way of eating.  After eating all of the fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains that we have the time to eat (there are absolutely no portion or calorie restrictions), I was overjoyed to find that I was never hungry anymore and both my husband and myself have lost over 20 pounds with actually very little effort, by eating a lot of exciting new foods that we never would have otherwise tried.

By simply changing what you eat, you can frequently enjoy much more dramatic and long-lasting health improvements than you could ever obtain with expensive medications and invasive procedures.   Come join us on October 7th so that you can learn more about how to “change your food and change your life!”

Be well,




Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN, CHFN

Stephanie has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Franciscan University and has worked as an RN since 1992.  In her career, she has primarily directed Heart Failure Chronic Disease Management programs and coordinated therapies for end-stage Heart Failure patients bridging to artificial hearts and heart transplants. For decades, she has witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of the Standard American Diet on her patients’ quality of life and life expectancy. 

In her quest to seek a more natural way to promote health, Stephanie started Natural State Microgreens in 2019 and began selling this superfood to restaurants and at farmers’ markets. Around this same time, her husband Paul developed pre-diabetes. They switched to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and within 4 months, Paul’s diabetes was reversed. After becoming certified in Plant Based Nutrition, her goal now is to provide education and support to people who wish to treat and reverse preventable chronic diseases and transform their lives through a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle. 

Stephanie is certified in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies and eCornell. She is also a Board-Certified Heart Failure Nurse through the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses.

Dr. Greger Brands ‘The Game Changers’ The ‘Best Health Documentary In Human History’

Leading plant-based physician Dr. Greger described upcoming documentary The Game Changers as the ‘best of its kind’ in an exclusive interview this week.

The much-anticipated film, which was executive produced by Hollywood heavyweight James Cameron, looks at the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Plant-based athletes

It features a list of top athletes, including pro surfer Tia Blanco, NFL quarterback Lou Smith, weightlifter Kendrick Farris, world-famous strongman Patrik Baboumian, and superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The doctor told YouTuber Jeff Morgan the documentary would ‘rock his world’

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Plant Yourself Podcast #237: Rip Esselstyn on Growing the Movement and Being Open to Opportunity – Howard Jacobson Podcasts

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Hi, I’m Howard Jacobson, host of the Plant Yourself Podcast, and co-founder of WellStart Health. My mission is to inspire and empower you to make Big Changes for yourself, your family, your community, and our planet.

Check out his website also: . We were pleased to have a live webinar with Howard and co-author of Sick to Fit, Josh LaJaunie last May.

The Number One Cause Of Death Globally Is Preventable by Kim Williams, M.D., MACC, FAHA

The Number One Cause Of Death Globally Is Preventable by Kim Williams, M.D., MACC, FAHA

The convergence of evidence suggests that an affordable plant-based diet can help prevent and even reverse some of the top killer diseases in the Western world, and can be even more effective than medication and surgery. This could save Medicare billions of dollars, but medical training continues to underemphasize nutrition education , in part, perhaps, because lifestyle interventions go against the prevailing conventional wisdom. The USDA, in formulating its dietary guidelines, has been accused of both acting with bias and ignoring relevant research. However, the most recent guidelines take a step in the right direction by recommending a shift to a plant-based diet, which Kaiser Permanente, the largest U.S. managed care organization, has moved in the direction of supporting. Lifestyle medicine attempts to find, prevent, and treat the causes of disease. Patients should receive fully informed consent for treatment, meaning they should be informed about all of their options including dietary changes. Doctors report they don’t practice preventative cardiology because they fear their patients won’t change their diet. Kim Allan Williams, MD, MACC, FAHA, MASNC, FESC was born in Chicago, and attended the College of The University of Chicago (1971 to 1975), followed by the University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine (1975 to 1979), internal medicine residency at Emory University (1979 to 1982), and overlapping fellowships in Cardiology at the University of Chicago (1982 to 1985), Clinical Pharmacology (1984 to 1985), and Nuclear Medicine (1984 to 1986). He is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. Dr. Williams joined the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1986, specializing in clinical cardiology, nuclear medicine, and nuclear cardiology. He served as Professor of Medicine and Radiology and Director of Nuclear Cardiology at The University of Chicago School of Medicine until 2010. Among numerous awards and honors for his teaching in the medical school, residencies and fellowships, he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha in 2008. In 2010, he became the Dorothy Susan Timmis Endowed Professor of Medicine and Radiology and Chairman of the Division of Cardiology at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI. At Wayne State, he has started the Urban Cardiology Initiative – a program of education of physicians on disparities in healthcare, primary school education on cardiovascular health and community health screening in inner-city Detroit. In November 2013 he returned to Chicago as the James B. Herrick Endowed Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Williams has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, monographs, book chapters, editorials, and review articles in the field of nuclear cardiology and minority health issues, with emphasis on education and innovations in perfusion imaging and quantitation of ventricular function. His research interests include selective adenosine receptor agonists, fluorinated perfusion PET imaging, cardiac computed tomography for plaque characterization, health care disparities and payment policy, and appropriate use of cardiac imaging. Dr. Williams has served on numerous committees and boards at the national level, including the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC), the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the Certifying Board of Nuclear Cardiology, the Certifying Board of Cardiac Computed Tomography, the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography and the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC). He served as President of ASNC from 2004 to 2005. He served as Chairman of the Board of ABC from 2008 to 2010. He also served on the Cardiovascular Disease Examination Board of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM-CV) until 2012. He served as the president of the ACC from 2015 to 2016. Connect with The Real Truth About Health…… Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.