The Marshall Plan documentary full version

When Texas Mayor Ed Smith III was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he elected to forego conventional treatment in favor of a whole food, plant-based diet. The results were nothing short of miraculous: his cancer disappeared. He and his wife embarked on a mission to help their town and community adopt a healthier lifestyle based on plant foods. Their story is being told in THE MARSHALL PLAN. The documentary focuses on the transformation of one town into a healthier place when its residents adopted new eating strategies. The stories of Marshall’s residents are combined with interviews from expert doctors and researchers in the field of nutrition, and professional athletes.

9 Nutrition Studies Every Ketogenic Dieter NEEDS To Read

In this video, several plant-based health experts talk through 9 nutrition studies that would be of interest to low carb keto diet proponents. Let us know what you think of these studies in the comments below this video! Get exclusive access to PBN Insiders: Links to studies can be found here:… Thanks to forks over knives for providing inspiration for this video:… Thanks to Dr. Neal Barnard and everyone at PCRM for getting involved in this video.

Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals? – The People’s Pharmacy

People getting most of their protein from plants and consuming a healthful plant-based diet are more likely to live longer and less likely to get diabetes.

Proponents of a vegetarian diet frequently have to respond to public anxiety that you can’t get enough protein from plants. However, there is growing evidence that a plant-based diet has health advantages compared to one based on animal protein.

A Japanese Study Favors Protein from Plants:

Read Terry Graedon’s article here: Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals?

Eating Protein from Plants at a Fast-Food Franchise:

Some consumers have become excited about the option of a plant-based “burger” from their favorite fast-food franchise. Is this a healthful option? Harvard scientists commented on this idea in JAMA (August 26, 2019). While they concede that plant-based meat alternatives may be better for the planet, they question how healthful these foods may be. Such non-meat burgers are highly processed to achieve the texture and flavor of meat. We do not have long-term studies to show whether people eating plant burgers at fast food chains have better health than those eating meat.