After Losing 100+ Pounds, Grocery Store Owner Promotes Healthier Options – Blue Zones

By Lisa Monroe

Immokalee is an area where healthy food options are limited — sometimes called a food desert or food swamp­— in Collier County, Florida. LeGrand Caribbean Market is an oasis in that desert, at least for the large migrant population that shops there. They are people who work long hours, live in shared housing without their own kitchens, and speak as many as nine different languages — including Spanish and Haitian Creole. Franck LeGrand Jr. speaks all of them.

LeGrand runs the food market that his late father ran before him, in part because he knows the community relies on it and also because he wants to continue his father’s legacy. Franck’s dad was a migrant worker once himself. Franck LeGrand Sr. immigrated to the U.S. from Haiti when Franck was a boy and worked in the fields for 20 years until he saved enough money to start his own business. Franck remembers getting up in the wee hours of the morning as a child to fill his dad’s cooler with ice for the day and occasionally going into the fields with him when he was young.

The migrant life is a hard life with many things to worry about so there isn’t a lot of time to stop to consider the best food options. That is a challenge Franck is chipping away at through his interactions with people in the community at his market. He’s even worked with Blue Zones Project to redesign his market to nudge his customers toward healthier food options. It’s complicated and a slow process, but Franck relishes every small victory, even if it’s just a worker grabbing a piece of fruit for a snack instead of a bag of chips or a bottle of water instead of a soda. Franck knows better than anyone that food choices are affected by so many aspects of life and that changing regular habits isn’t easy. But he also knows change is within reach when you start making small changes one at the time. “I just had to change the way I eat and exercise more,” he said.

Franck relishes every small victory, even if it’s just a worker grabbing a piece of fruit for a snack instead of a bag of chips or a bottle of water instead of a soda.CLICK TO TWEET

Franck lost 100 pounds in a single year and found a new lease on life. And he now uses his story to inspire others in his community.

Franck’s Path to Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Franck turned to food and began emotional eating out of grief. In 2011, his father was killed tragically in a car accident while running an errand for the store. About a year later, his wife and child died from childbirth-related complications.

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Corry Area Primary School has added more physical activity, nutrition education, and mindfulness into the classroom and has been designated as Erie County, PA’s first Blue Zones Project Approved school.

A new Blue Zones food initiative in Forth Worth, TX, will help some local families in their efforts to put healthier food on their tables this winter.

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CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

The latest numbers from the CDC reveal hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths.

One America’s Pearson Sharp has more, as the CDC counts over 51-thousand patients who actually died from heart attacks, as opposed to the coronavirus. (See video above.)


14-Year-Old Girl Wins $25,000 For a Scientific Breakthrough That Could Lead to COVID-19 Cure | Good News Network

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With the impact of the pandemic continuing to spread far and wide, people around the world are waiting for news on a possible treatment for the virus. 

There’s good news on that front, as a 14-year-old girl from Texas has discovered a molecule that can selectively bind to the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2. 

Binding and inhibiting this viral protein would potentially stop the virus entry into the cell, creating a viable drug target. 

For her breakthrough, eighth grader Anika Chebrolu has been named the winner of the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge—America’s premier middle school science competition. 

As part of her research, Frisco’s Anika screened millions of small molecules for drug-likeness properties, ADMET properties, and binding affinities against the spike protein using numerous software tools. 

The one molecule with the best pharmacological and biological activity towards the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was chosen as the lead molecule that can be a potential drug for the effective treatment of COVID-19.

According to a statement, she and the nine other finalists have spent the past few months working with a 3M scientist who acted as mentor and worked one-on-one to transform an idea from concept to physical prototype. 

Anika wasn’t initially planning on studying a coronavirus. After being stricken with a bad bout of flu last year, she was actually hoping to help find a cure for influenza. 

But then COVID-19 hit the globe, and she knew just what to focus her attention on.

For her work looking at spike proteins, Anika can now proudly call herself “America’s Top Young Scientist.” On top of a $25,000 gift for her award-winning work, she’s also going to receive a special destination trip. 

For this STEM hero, however, it’s not about the awards or the trips. “Science is the basis of life and the entire universe and we have a long way to go understand it fully,” she told Yahoo.

And this is just the beginning of Anika’s COVID-19 work. She explained, “how I develop this molecule further with the help of virologists and drug development specialists will determine the success of these efforts.”

Here’s at GNN, we’re wishing the Texas teen every success in her endeavors.

(WATCH Anika explain her fascinating research in the video below.)

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Source: 14-Year-Old Girl Wins $25,000 For a Scientific Breakthrough That Could Lead to COVID-19 Cure

The Forbidden Chronicles: Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says Second Wave Due to Fake Tests | Dr. Pam Popper, President, Wellness Forum Health

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles
Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says Second Wave Due to Fake Tests

Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

According to Dr. Michael Yeardon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer, almost all of the positive tests for COVID-19 are false positives, and current government policies and the restriction of constitutional rights are based on fake data. He says “the pandemic is fundamentally over.”

Yeardon and two co-authors wrote an article in which they report that deaths increased throughout the world in March and April and by the end of June had flattened and have remained that way. It is incessant testing of asymptomatic people and constant reporting of fake test results by the media that is keeping the pandemic alive, allowing government officials to continue their reign of tyranny, and causing people to remain fearful.

The authors also report that the survival rate for COVID-19 is 99.8%, which is similar to seasonal flu. In March and April Fauci was predicting a mortality rate 20-30 times higher, but his calculations were wildly incorrect. While fatal in certain susceptible people, the death rate overall is very low. The problem is that Fauci has never admitted that he was wrong, and continues to opine publicly based on erroneous assumptions.

Other highlights from the paper include:
COVID-19 is not “novel.”
While COVID-19 is a new coronavirus, there are currently four strains which circulate throughout the world that cause the common cold and all “have striking sequence similarity to the new coronavirus.”

A significant percentage of the population is already immune.
Much of the population already has antibodies to COVID or T-cell immunity due to prior exposure to other coronaviruses. Yeardon et al report that “Responses to COVID-19 have been shown in dozens of blood samples taken from donors before the new virus arrived.”

Only 15-25% of the population needs to be infected in order to achieve herd immunity.
This is due to the fact that at least 30% of the population already had immunological recognition of the new virus even before it arrived.

Herd immunity has likely been achieved in the U.S.
Assuming 200,000 deaths and a survival rate of 99.8%, for every person who died there are 400 who lived. This means that 80 million Americans, or about 27% of the population has been infected, enough to cause herd immunity.

Regarding tests, more than half of the positives are likely false.
Since PCR tests detect partial RNA sequences and not intact virus, a true positive does not mean the person is infected with COVID-19. The test can detect a small fragment of dead virus from an old infection that cannot make the person sick, cannot be transmitted, and cannot make anyone else sick either. In fact, research shows that some people remain PCR-positive even after the ability to culture virus from swabs has disappeared.

Neil Ferguson’s model was wrong.
According to Dr. Yeardon, “no serious scientist gives any validity” to Ferguson’s model, which predicted that there would be 2.2 million deaths in the U.S. (even with forged death certificates the death count is 200,000); and 100,000 deaths in Sweden by June (as of October there are 5800).

The lockdowns have not changed outcomes.
In comparing government responses, it is clear that death rates were not impacted by human intervention. For example, Sweden did not lockdown and its death rate is similar to the UK, which had some of the most severe restrictions in the world. Sweden also has a lower per capita death rate than the U.S. and did not close bars, restaurants, sports, most schools, or movie theaters and never ordered its citizens to wear masks.

Conclusion: Any “second wave” will be manufactured by the government, as will any justification for lockdowns.

Dr. Mike Yeardon: Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates.

Paul Kirkham, Dr. Mike Yeardon, Barry Thomas. “How Likely is a Second Wave?”
Lockdown Skeptics September 8 2020

Pam’s websites:

Dr Mike Yeadon: ‘Government are using a Covid-19 test with undeclared false positive rates’ :
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COVID Operation is the story of how the COVID-19 Hoax began, who the major players are, and how the plan was executed. It’s a disturbing account of how easy it is to take control of people who assume that they will continue to enjoy freedom without holding government, the media, and many others accountable.

The most consequential thing to happen in the world since World War II, this event has been perpetrated by a wide network of enemies of the people who have managed to disguise themselves as public servants, health professionals, and founders and heads of global non-profits. They are everywhere, they are incredibly rich, they are powerful, and they are intent on getting their way.

The human race is not in danger of extinction from COVID-19. Humans – all of us – are in danger of having our lives controlled by these people who took our liberties and freedoms away in a matter of weeks.

With knowledge comes power, and our hope is that the information in this book will motivate masses of people to reject what is often referred to as “the new normal,” to  do whatever is required to take back their lives, and to ensure that future generations will live free. 

Pamela A, Popper is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health; and the founder and Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health.  Pam has been featured in many widely distributed documentaries, including Processed People, Making a Killing, Food choices, and Diet Fiction, and appeared in the acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives, which played in major theaters throughout North America in 2011. She is one of the co-authors of the companion book which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 66 weeks. She is the author of Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life.

Shane D. Prier received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Idaho in 1999. While at the university, he was involved with research projects which were eventually published in a prestigious scientific journal. 

Shane transitioned to a career in the financial industry and became a Wealth Manager and Private Client Advisor in 2003. During his 16-year career, he managed over $100,000,000 in assets for his clients.

Testimony of German Attorney: Those Responsible for “Corona Scandal” Must be Criminally Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity – – Reiner Fuellmich

Hello. I am Reiner Fuellmich and I have been admitted to the Bar in Germany and in California for 26 years. I have been practicing law primarily as a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations such as Deutsche Bank, formerly one of the world’s largest and most respected banks, today one of the most toxic criminal organizations in the world; VW, one of the world’s largest and most respected car manufacturers, today notorious for its giant diesel fraud; and Kuehne and Nagel, the world’s largest shipping company. We’re suing them in a multi-million-dollar bribery case. 

The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020.

Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, one of the Committee members, has published his testimony which at the time of this writing has been viewed over 1.3 million people in the last 10 days.

by Global Research

The conclusions of the committee are the following:

  • The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal”
  • It is:
    • The biggest tort case ever
    • The greatest crime against humanity ever committed
  • Those responsible must be:
    • Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity
    • Sued for civil damages
  • Deaths
    • There is no excess mortality in any country
    • Corona virus mortality equals seasonal flu
    • 94% of deaths in Bergamo were caused by transferring sick patients to nursing homes where they infected old people with weak immune systems
    • Doctors and hospitals worldwide were paid to declare deceased victims of Covid-19
    • Autopsies showed:
      • Fatalities almost all caused by serious pre-existing conditions
      • Almost all deaths were very old people
      • Sweden (no lockdown) and Britain (strict lockdown) have comparable disease and mortality statistics
    • US states with and without lockdowns have comparable disease and mortality statistics
  • Health
    • Hospitals remain empty and some face bankruptcy
    • Populations have T-cell immunity from previous influenza waves
    • Herd immunity needs only 15-25% population infection and is already achieved
    • Only when a person has symptoms can an infection be contagious
  • Tests:
    • Many scientists call this a PCR-test pandemic, not a corona pandemic
    • Very healthy and non-infectious people may test positive
    • Likelihood of false-positives is 89-94% or near certainty
    • Prof. Drosten developed his PCR test from an old SARS virus without ever having seen the real Wuhan virus from China
    • The PCR test is not based on scientific facts with respect to infections
    • PCR tests are useless for the detection of infections
    • A positive PCR test does not mean an infection is present or that an intact virus has been found
    • Amplification of samples over 35 cycles is unreliable but WHO recommended 45 cycles
  • Illegality:
    • The German government locked down, imposed social-distancing/ mask-wearing on the basis of a single opinion
    • The lockdown was imposed when the virus was already retreating
    • The lockdowns were based on non-existent infections
    • Former president of the German federal constitutional court doubted the constitutionality of the corona measures
    • Former UK supreme court judge Lord Sumption concluded there was no factual basis for panic and no legal basis for corona measures
    • German RKI (CDC equivalent) recommended no autopsies be performed
    • Corona measures have no sufficient factual or legal basis, are unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately
    • No serious scientist gives any validity to the infamous Neil Ferguson’s false computer models warning of millions of deaths
    • Mainstream media completely failed to report the true facts of the so-called pandemic
    • Democracy is in danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models
    • Drosten (of PCR test), Tedros of WHO, and others have committed crimes against humanity as defined in the International Criminal Code
    • Politicians can avoid going down with the charlatans and criminals by starting the long overdue public scientific discussion
  • Conspiracy:
    • Politicians and mainstream media deliberately drove populations to panic
    • Children were calculatedly made to feel responsible “for the painful tortured death of their parents and grandparents if they do not follow Corona rules”
    • The hopeless PCR test is used to create fear and not to diagnose
    • There can be no talk of a second wave
  • Injury and damage:
    • Evidence of gigantic health and economic damage to populations
    • Anti-corona measures have:
      • Killed innumerable people
      • Destroyed countless companies and individuals worldwide
    • Children are being taken away from their parents
    • Children are traumatized en masse
    • Bankruptcies are expected in small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Redress:
    • A class action lawsuit must be filed in the USA or Canada, with all affected parties worldwide having the opportunity to join
    • Companies and self-employed people must be compensated for damages

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Source: Testimony of German Attorney: Those Responsible for “Corona Scand

WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu | The off-Guardian

Head of Health Emergencies Program “best estimates” put IFR at 0.14%

Kit Knightly

The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu.

The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.

In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves.

At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their “best estimate”, and a huge increase over the number of officially recognised cases (around 35 million).

Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, later confirmed the figure, stating it was based on the average results of all the broad seroprevalence studies done around the world.

As much as the WHO were attempting to spin this as a bad thing – Dr Ryan even said it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk.” – it’s actually good news. And confirms, once more, that the virus is nothing like as deadly as everyone predicted.

The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539.

That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly or 0.14%. Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world.

0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies.

In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu.

None of the mainstream press picked up on this. Though many outlets reported Dr Ryan’s words, they all attempted to make it a scary headline and spread more panic.

Apparently neither they, nor the WHO, were capable of doing the simple maths that shows us this is good news. And that the Covid sceptics have been right all along.

UPDATE 9/10/20: In the interest of thoroughness, a desire to rely on primary sources, and not depending purely on mainstream sources (which may remove or amend articles), I decided to find the actual video of Dr Ryan’s remarks.

For some reason, although this was an important WHO meeting during an allegedly hyper-serious pandemic, the video is hard to find. The only place you are able to see it is the WHO’s own website, and even then you have to scrub through almost 6 hours of footage. Well, I did that, and you are welcome.

You can’t embed the WHO’s stream, but I can tell you to go to this page, click “Session 1” and skip to 1:01:33 to hear the exact quote:

Our current best estimates tell us that about ten percent of the global population may have been infected by this virus. This varies depending on country, it varies from urban to rural, it varies between different groups.”

UPDATE 13/10/2020: Here is the actual ripped audio:

[Listen at Source linked below. ]

Many thanks to all the people who sent in their recordings.

Source: WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu

California Medical Doctor Cures Over 1700 Patients with COVID Using Hydroxychloroquine

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Doctors on the “front lines” treating COVID patients continue to try and speak out regarding the fact that there is a 100% cure rate for COVID by using hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Brian Tyson from Southern California is one of the latest doctors to grant an interview talking about his experience in treating over 1700 COVID patients using hydroxychloroquine. None of his patients have died, and only one had to be admitted to the hospital.

This continues to be the biggest scandal of the COVID plandemic, and perhaps the largest scandal in medical history, where so many people are dying needlessly based on a positive COVID test and fear, as this information is censored in the corporate media as well as Big Tech social media platforms.

Even President Trump, who originally promoted hydroxychloroquine and allegedly was taking it himself, has now turned his back on the Front Line doctors who continue to successfully use hydroxychloroquine.

With his own alleged COVID diagnosis last week, President Trump instead chose to use and promote two new drugs that are being fast-tracked and are without a history of successful treatment yet.

Watch the interview on OAN:

More on the COVID Hydroxychloroquine Scandal

Source: California Medical Doctor Cures Over 1700 Patients with COVID Using Hy

Model Village for Alzheimer’s Patients in France Makes Residents Feel Like They’re Still Independent – Good News Network

As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” but it seems that same wisdom may also hold true when it comes to caring for elderly Alzheimer’s patients.

Rather than placing them in traditional memory care units, some groups charged with the care of these special seniors are taking a more innovative approach.

In southwestern France near the city of Dax, a community has been created with the specific needs of its 105 residents—all of whom suffer from Alzheimer’s in varying stages.

Built in the same spirit as De Hogeweyk, a purpose-built village for dementia patients in the Netherlands, it’s the first such facility in France.

In addition to nursing facilities, the Landais campus includes a grocery store, hair salon, cafeteria, library, and music room.

Residents are given as much freedom as their conditions allow, and treated to numerous entertainments.

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Source: Model Village for Alzheimer’s Patients in France Makes Residents Feel Like They’re Still Independent – Good News Network

Hurdles T. Colin Campbell Overcame To Make His Research Available To The Public – The Real Truth About Health Conference

For decades T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. has been at the forefront of nutrition education and research. Dr. Campbell’s expertise and scientific interests encompass relationships between diet and disease, particularly the causation of cancer. His legacy, the China Project, is one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition ever conducted. The New York Times has recognized the study as the “Grand Prix of epidemiology.”

Dr. Campbell is the coauthor of the bestselling book The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-term Health, and author of the New York Times bestseller Whole, and The Low-Carb Fraud. He is featured in several documentaries including the blockbuster Forks Over Knives, Eating You Alive, Food Matters, Plant Pure Nation and others. He is the founder of the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and the online Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate in partnership with eCornell.

Dr. Campbell has conducted original research both in laboratory experiments and in large-scale human studies; received over 70 grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding (mostly with NIH), served on grant review panels of multiple funding agencies, actively participated in the development of national and international nutrition policy, authored over 300 research papers and given hundreds of lectures around the world.

He was trained at Cornell University (M.S., Ph.D.) and MIT (Research Associate) in nutrition, biochemistry, and toxicology. Dr. Campbell spent 10 years on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition before returning to Cornell in 1975 where he presently holds his Endowed Chair as the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry in the Division of Nutritional Sciences.

Visit Dr. Campbell’s website: 

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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.