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Three simple words that ring like bells.

In March of 1963, a great man came to Washington, stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and changed the world by speaking from his heart about his dream.  Simple words that continue to resonate through time.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants.  The simple truths are what matter most.  Honest words, spoken from the heart, can change the world.

I am a physician and a scientist, highly trained and experienced in developing vaccines and other medicines, but I have also been a carpenter and a farm hand.  In my life, my wife, my family, my friends and my treasured horses have provided all that I could hope for.

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Liars, Propagandists and The Great Reset | Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola| Fact Checked

Secret Conference Call Notes Incriminate Health Officials

As the consensus grew in early February 2020 that SARS-CoV-2 likely leaked from the Wuhan lab, government officials scrambled to change the narrative. Today they can lie and deny all they want (which they are doing), but their recovered emails tell a whole different story.

Revealing emails show that Anthony Fauci and past NIH director Dr. Francis Collins led the effort to bury the lab leak theory. Find out what happened here.

Please proceed to Source for the article and video: How the NIH Buried Evidence for Fauci

In case the above article disappears from Mercola’s website, a copy has been preserved here: 

Announcing the 5th Annual Fake News Awards | The Corbett Report 

LEAVE YOUR NOMINATION: You’ve been waiting for it all year and now it’s finally here! The Dinos are back as The Corbett Report prepares the 5th Annual Fake News Awards for January 28th, 2022. Do you have a fake news story, a fake video, a fake photo, a fake fact check or a fake anything else that you want to nominate for this year’s awards? Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their nominations in the comments below.

Source: Announcing the 5th Annual Fake News Awards


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Dr. McCullough: Big Pharma Changed Definition Of Pandemic, Omicron Almost Over, No New Variant? [VIDEO] | Red Voice Media


Since winning the 2020 election, the Biden administration has put every resource they had at their disposal to fight the COVID-19 virus. Lockdown, social distancing, mask mandates, COVID-19 jab promotions. Incentives after programs, the Democrats battled on every front, listening to the advice of the famed doctor, Anthony Fauci. But as Laura Ingraham said on a recent taping of her show on Fox News, the Biden administration has been wrong countless times regarding COVID-19. Ingraham even detailed how public health officials continuously spread false information, yet people still listen to their advice. Wanting to understand why the host invited Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on the show to discuss the new documentary called Planet Lockdown.

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In the documentary, experts revealed how the pharmaceutical companies pressed the World Health Organization to change the language around what makes a pandemic, a pandemic. Speaking in the documentary, German physician and epidemiologist, Wolfgang Wodarg, explained how the wording around the pandemic has led to the fear and hysteria surrounding COVID-19.



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Source: Dr. McCullough: Big Pharma Changed Definition Of Pandemic, Omicron Almost Over, No New Variant? [VIDEO]

Observations from an experienced nurse about the COVID vaccines | Steve Kirsch |

One of my nurse friends forwarded this note to me. It was originally written by a nurse, but the source is unknown, probably out of fear of retribution.

Among all the vaccines I have known in my life (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis, flu, and pneumonia, and tuberculosis) I have never seen a vaccine that forced me to wear a mask and maintain my social distance, even when you are fully vaccinated.

I had never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after vaccination.

I had never heard of rewards, discounts, incentives to get vaccinated.

I never saw discrimination for those who didn’t.

If you haven’t been vaccinated no one has tried to make you feel like a bad person.

I have never seen a vaccine that threatens the relationship between family, colleagues and friends.

I have never seen a vaccine used to threaten livelihoods, work or school.

I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12-year-old to override parental consent.

After all the vaccines I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one, which discriminates, divides and judges society as it is.

And as the social fabric tightens… It’s a powerful vaccine! It does all these things except IMMUNIZATION.

If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to get a negative test after we are fully vaccinated, and we still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated, and still be hospitalized after we have been fully vaccinated, it will likely come to “It’s time for us to admit that we’ve been completely deceived.”

I think she forgot to mention that she’s probably also never seen:

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