LIVE @7PM: SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits | Dr. Jane Ruby & Mike Adams |

AUGUST 19, 2022

Welcome to the Dr. Jane Ruby Show –. The results are in…Board certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman’s bizarre and mysterious white clots pulled from sudden death in C19 jabbed cadavers, are no longer mysteries, thanks to the work of microscopy expert and Brighteon TV founder, Mike Adams. The most definitive finding is that these white thick castings taken from the arteries and veins of the injected dead are not blood clots and they are highly metallic, electrical conducting circuits and Mike Adams is here today for a stunning 2-part interview and the show wraps with a look at the real meaning of Biden’s March 2022 EO, that plans a take over of digital currency by years end…for your health? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine. For YOUR Life Transformation (Promo Code: Ruby)

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A Deeper Dive on CDC’s Exit Strategy | By Jeffrey A. Tucker | the Defender |

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention never had an exit strategy from lockdowns and mandates but they eventually found one — in the form of a heavily footnoted and opaquely written reversal, published by the main bureaucracy responsible for the disaster.

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It was a good but bizarre day when the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) finally reversed itself fundamentally on its messaging for two-and-a-half years. The source is the MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) of Aug. 11.

The title alone shows just how deeply the about-face was buried: Summary of Guidance for Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on Individual Persons, Communities, and Health Care Systems — United States, August 2022.

The authors: “CDC COVID-19 Emergency Response Team” consisting of “Greta M. Massetti, PhD; Brendan R. Jackson, MD; John T. Brooks, MD; Cria G. Perrine, PhD; Erica Reott, MPH; Aron J. Hall, DVM; Debra Lubar, PhD; Ian T. Williams, PhD; Matthew D. Ritchey, DPT; Pragna Patel, MD; Leandris C. Liburd, PhD; Barbara E. Mahon, MD.”

It would have been fascinating to be a fly on the wall in the brainstorming sessions that led to this little treatise. The wording was chosen very carefully, not to say anything false outright, much less admit any errors of the past, but to imply that it was only possible to say these things now:

“As SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, continues to circulate globally, high levels of vaccine- and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools have substantially reduced the risk for medically significant COVID-19 illness (severe acute illness and post–COVID-19 conditions) and associated hospitalization and death.

“These circumstances now allow public health efforts to minimize the individual and societal health impacts of COVID-19 by focusing on sustainable measures to further reduce medically significant illness as well as to minimize strain on the health care system, while reducing barriers to social, educational, and economic activity.“

In English: Everyone can pretty much go back to normal. Focus on illness that is medically significant. Stop worrying about positive cases because nothing is going to stop them. Think about the bigger picture of overall social health. End the compulsion. Thank you. It’s only two-and-a-half years late.

What about mass testing?

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Turn Your Body Into A Fortress Against Cancer And Infections, Including Covid – Patrick Quillin, PhD | The Real Truth About Health

New 2022 – Turn Your Body Into A Fortress Against Cancer And Infections, Including Covid – Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS

Dr. Patrick Qui •

• Book – 12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient:

#PatrickQuillin #Cancer #HealingNutrients #Nutrition

Dr. Patrick Quillin is a doctor, an internationally recognized expert in the area of nutrition and cancer and is an accomplished author. His book; 12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient: Unlocking Your Body’s Incredible Ability to Heal Itself While Working with Your Doctor, gives cancer patients the keys to improve the quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission while working with your doctor.

Cancer has escalated from a once obscure disease to a leading cause of death worldwide. Chemo, radiation, and surgery can reduce tumor burden but do nothing to change the underlying causes of cancer. Enter the need for this book, which provides the keys to unlocking your body’s incredible capacity to heal and regenerate itself.

Using evidence-based guidelines, 12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient gives you a short and readable road map to augment your doctor’s best care while undergoing cancer treatment. This combination of selective tumor de-bulking along with re-regulating your body to recognize and destroy tumor cells will become cancer treatment of the 21st century.

Nutrition, attitude, exercise, detoxification, epigenetics, energy alignment, and gut microbiome are among the 12 keys that are essential in your quest for recovery.

12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient includes:

• Generous use of color images helps to explain complicated concepts and makes the book far more readable.

• Hyperlinks make the ebook version an incredible interactive experience where the reader can click on the link to visit the original article or website.

• A one week recipe section is provided with color photographs.

• A larger font for readers with compromised vision.

• Each chapter begins with “From Nature’s Pharmacy” about a superfood to include in your diet often.

• Each chapter ends with a patient profile which provides inspiration and insight.

Dr. Quillin has 30 years experience as a clinical nutritionist, of which 10 years were spent as the Vice President of Nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America where he worked with thousands of cancer patients in a hospital setting. He has written 18 books and has sold over 2 million copies. Included in his best sellers list is HEALING NUTRIENTS and BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION.

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Guess what this mask mandate accomplished | Tom Woods |

One of the most maddening parts of the nuthouse we’ve been living in for close to 30 solid months now is that real-life events constantly contradict the official version of things, yet that version still persists as if nothing ever happened.I expect politicians to refuse to understand things. But even your own neighbors pretend these things don’t exist.

Florida’s age-adjusted Covid mortality is better than that of most states. That should not be possible. Not a single, solitary Covid hysteric would have predicted that outcome, and they would have called you crazy and irresponsible for predicting it. Yet it occurred, and it didn’t change their minds one iota, even though it explodes their entire worldview.

When it lifted its state-level restrictions in February 2021 Iowa was called by the media “the state that doesn’t care if you live or die,” but then when you track its health outcomes against other Midwestern states over the ensuing months you cannot tell the difference between Iowa and any other state. If the hysterics were right, this could not be possible. Yet it occurred, and it didn’t change their minds one iota.

Having said all that, let me now share with you another chart from the heroic Ian Miller. This chart, like the other pieces of evidence I’ve mentioned, will likewise do nothing to change anyone’s mind, even though it obviously should.

Athens, Georgia, recently brought back its mask mandate. Athens, Georgia must therefore be doing so much better than other places in Georgia that it just jumps right off the chart, right?

See for yourself:

Wait, what’s that? It’s indistinguishable from its neighbors — like all other such charts?How about that.

Not to mention: Athens and its neighbors imposed and lifted mask mandates at all different times, and yet their numbers are identical.

Now, for your edification:

(1) My friends at the Soho Forum, a libertarian debate series, are hosting a debate next week on climate change and what the policy response should be. Attend in person or virtually, and support this great organization:

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Tom Woods

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Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory? | Dr. Sam Bailey |

Dr. Sam Bailey


Dr Sam Bailey is a medically trained doctor who makes health videos on questions from her viewers. She researches and covers common medical conditions, but will also tackle controversial health issues. Dr Bailey is co-author of the book “Virus Mania.”

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Source: Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory?

Legislative Informational Hearing on the Religious Exemptions 5/13/2019 | LeeAnn Ducat, founder of Informed Choice CT

On Thursday evening of 5/9/19 LeeAnn Ducat, founder of Informed Choice CT was invited to participate in an informational hearing the following Monday by State Representative Liz Linehan.

At the time of the invite, and up until the start of the event, LeeAnn was given no details about the content of discussion, the other people that were participating or who exactly she would be speaking to. She enthusiastically agreed anyway, knowing that is was going to be an ambush.

Turns out, it was an entire panel of pro-mandate legislators and a dais of all pro mandate physicians, health care representatives, and a morbidly obese rabbi preaching about health and how mandates are necessary.

Watch LeeAnn take on the entire panel and deconstruct the flaws in all of their arguments while advocating against the removal of the exemptions.

***The religious exemption was repealed two years later and LeeAnn has organized a massive legal challenge.



Salini interviews Dr. Peter McCullough, global Covid-19 expert and highly respected physician, who is experiencing censorship and persecution for telling the truth to the global population about the dangers of the MRNA gene modification therapy, incorrectly called a “vaccine”, to save lives.


Los Angeles Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer Backs Down Indoor Mask Mandates As Multiple Cities Refused Enforcement | Comments by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News

LADPH director Barbara Ferrer with Alex Padilla during an event about children getting vaccines. Source.

Earlier this month we reported that LA County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brad Spellberg went public to humiliate Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s announcement that COVID-19 cases were on the rise and new face mask mandates were needed soon.

In a sign that perhaps even the pro-pharma pro-vaccine medical professionals are starting to get tired of the constant COVID hype and are beginning to speak out against health politicians who are appointed bureaucrats and never elected by the people to their public office, LA County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brad Spellberg went public recently to humiliate Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer’s announcement that COVID-19 cases were on the rise and new face mask mandates were needed soon. (Full article.)

Apparently the public put more stock into what Dr. Spellberg was saying as opposed to what the public health politicians wanted people to believe, and Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer backed down on the mask mandates today (for now), as several cities stated they would not enforce it.

LA Abandons Plan To Reimpose Mask Mandate As Multiple Cities Refused Enforcement

ZeroHedge News

Update (1750ET): In a somewhat surprising turn of events for the medical tyranny, Los Angeles County has abandoned its plan to reimpose indoor mask mandate as COVID cases and hospitalizations stabilize.

The county entered the “high” category two weeks ago when the average daily rate of COVID-related hospital admissions rose above 10 per 100,000 residents. As of last Thursday, the rate was 11.7 admissions per 100,000 residents.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said cases may have slowed, but he supports whatever health officials decide.

Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer made the announced during a livestreamed meeting.

*  *  *

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Issue Brief: The Next Pandemic | WHO Announces Monkeypox Global Emergency | America’s Frontline Doctors


An AFLDS Issue Brief for Citizens and Policymakers

DO NOT lock down; DO NOT inoculate; DO NOT FEAR. 

On July 23, 2022, The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global emergency of international health concern.[1] Back in May 2022, we brought you AFLDS’ position on the monkeypox story. As suspected, the corrupt global leaders, working side-by-side with The World Health Organization (WHO) aren’t missing a beat in their quest for a perpetual worldwide pandemic. Regarding the decision to declare the “global emergency,” mainstream media reported:

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the decision despite a lack of consensus among experts on the U.N. health agency’s emergency committee, saying he acted as “a tiebreaker.” It was the first time a U.N. health agency chief has unilaterally made such a decision without an expert recommendation.[1]

This is proof of what we have stated before. Global leaders have been preparing for the next pandemic and the one after that. If everything goes according to plan, Covid Theater will now morph into Monkeypox Theater. Marburgvirus Theater is currently being developed in the background. You’ll most likely also be hearing about Ebola, a disease that presents similarly to Marburg. We expect to report more specifically on Marburgvirus appearance and preparations soon. In the meantime, remember, We The People are awake, and we see them working in the dark shadows.

An important piece of the puzzle is H.R. 4350 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. If you download H.R. 4350 and word search “public health” you will be alarmed. H.R. 4350 is 3268 pages. Buried in those pages is a nefarious plan to use public health as a means of using the military to form a dictatorship over every agency in the executive branch of the government with no congressional oversight. [2]

Another piece of the complicated puzzle is the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Emergency Declaration[3].  Corrupt leaders of this country are hungry to be able to operate under the powers of the Public Health Emergency Declaration continuously. If you read the declaration, you may be quite shocked at the sheer number of protections that are waived (without our consent) under the guise of a public health emergency.

What Is Monkeypox?

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