Dr. Peter Breggin “This is one of the best interviews I have ever given.” Interviewed by International Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich

Peter R. Breggin is a renowned psychiatrist and physician, and an outspoken critic of the current psychiatric system. Dr. Breggin considers modern psychiatry to be a materialistic fraud that takes an overly simplistic approach by medicating patients with all sorts of problems that have their roots in causes other than brain chemistry.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer, two co-founders of the German Corona Investigative Committee, spoke with him about a wide range of issues, especially the plandemia we face.

Peter R. Breggin: “This is one of the best interviews I have ever given. […] You’re going to listen to the best of Peter Breggin today.”

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, go to channel here: t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish t.me/ReinerFuellmichEnglish/111

Source: Dr. Peter Breggin Interviewed by International Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich

Website: https://breggin.com/

What Do Avocados Do to Your Cholesterol? | Dr. Michael Greger | NutritionFacts.org

Can guacamole lower your cholesterol as well as other whole-food fat sources like nuts, or is that just spin by the avocado industry?  “Avocados are the richest known fruit source of phytosterols,” the cholesterol-lowering nutrients found in plant foods, brags a review sponsored by the HASS Avocado Board.

The operative word, though, is fruit.

Yes, avocados contain more phytosterols compared to other fruit, but phytosterols are fat-soluble substances. Most other fruits hardly have any fat in them at all, so avocados will obviously come out on top compared to other fruit. What if you compare phytosterol content of avocados to nuts and seeds, though? One avocado has about 100 milligrams of phytosterols. On the same scale, sesame seeds and tahini have 400 milligrams; pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds have about 300; almonds, almond butter, flaxseeds, and macadamia nuts have around 200; and even chocolate has about twice as many phytosterols as avocados, as you can see at 0:51 in my video Are Avocados Good for Your Cholesterol.

Even though nuts and seeds have the highest levels of phytosterols overall, the studies that have been done on lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol with phytosterols have used supplements starting with 600 milligrams and going up into the thousands. So, yes, you can lower LDL cholesterol by about 8 percent with a dose of phytosterols around 2,100 milligrams, but that would be 20 avocados a day, as you can see at 1:17 in my video. And 2,100 milligrams of phytosterols would also be a lot of nuts, but you can get an 8 percent drop in LDL by just eating a palmful of nuts, just a single ounce a day, as you can see at 1:36 in my video. So, phytosterols aren’t the only components of nuts responsible for driving down cholesterol. Nuts must have other components, perhaps fiber or other phytonutrients, that contribute to their cholesterol-lowering effects. Might avocados have such components, too? You don’t know until…you put it to the test.

As you can see at 2:10 in my video, there are studies dating back more than a half century that appear to show that if you add an avocado to people’s daily diets, their cholesterol drops. When you remove the daily avocados, however, their cholesterol goes back up, and then it drops down again when you add the avocados back in. The data are pretty convincing—until you see how the study was done. The researchers didn’t just add an avocado. They swapped out animal fat. No wonder their cholesterol went down! Rather than a study about cholesterol and avocados, it may have just as well been about cholesterol and being on or off lard—and nearly all the studies on cholesterol and avocados are like this.   Continued on source:

Source: What Do Avocados Do to Your Cholesterol? | NutritionFacts.org

A novel way to get out of the novel corona virus injections | Dr. Tenpenny shares link to David Avocado Wolfe post

A novel way to get out of the novel corona virus injections

… tell them you are part of a Scientific Control Group! https://www.vaxcontrolgroup.com/

Source: Dr. Tenpenny

Check out other posts on Dr. Tenpenny’s Telegram channel – and David Avocado Wolfe’s: https://t.me/davidavocadowolfe

True Stories Of Horrible Health Entirely Turned Around By Eating Right | Dr. Joel Fuhrman | The Real Truth About Health

“Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity and The End of Diabetes, delivers a powerful paradigm-shifting lecture showing us how and why we never need to diet again.
You will understand the key principles of the science of health, nutrition and weight loss. It will give you a simple and effective strategy to achieve—and maintain—an optimal weight without dieting for the rest of your life. This new approach will free you forever from a merry-go-round of diets and endless, tedious discussions about dieting strategies. This is the end of dieting.”
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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.”

Don’t Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on “Killer Vaccine” that Needs to be Watched by Everyone – Global Research

By JRickey Productions

All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version).  Visit and follow us on Instagram at @crg_globalresearch. We bring to the attention of  Global Research readers this powerful and carefully researched video JRickey Productions.

Let us be under no illusions, the evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation is overwhelming. 

In the words of Dr. Gary G Kohls:

Here is a must-watch, totally-truthful, science-based, vaccinology-literate video for anyone who is considering getting a booster (or even an initial) dose of any of the still-experimental, still unproven for long-term safety or efficacy, mRNA Covid-19 inoculations.  and then quickly forwarded on to loved ones before one of the many powers-that-be finds a way to shut it down.


Video, click lower righthand corner to enlarge screen

Source: JRickey Productions Studio

Continued on the Global Research site: Don’t Get Jabbed: Powerful Video on “Killer Vaccine” that Needs to be Watched by Everyone – Global Research

Flashback Friday: Lead Contamination in Fish and Game | Dr. Michael Greger | NutritionFacts.org

Most hunters may not be aware about the health risks related to consuming meat from animals shot with lead ammunition.

Doctor’s Note

The #1 Solution To Getting Toxins Out Of Your Body And Your Life – By Dr. Will Tuttle | The Real Truth About Health

Dr. Will Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, author, and musician. His music, writings, and presentations focus on compassion, intuition, meditation, social justice, and creativity. Creator of the best-selling The World Peace Diet as well as over a dozen other books and CDs, Dr. Tuttle presents regularly at conferences, retreats, and events throughout North America and worldwide.

A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. in education from U.C., Berkeley, he has worked extensively exploring and promoting intuition development, nonviolent living, meditation, healing music, creativity, holistic health, animal liberation, and cultural evolution. Traveling globally with his spouse Madeleine, a visionary artist from Switzerland, he present lectures and concerts of original uplifting piano music, often accompanied by Madeleine’s watercolor paintings and silver flute. In centers, he typically presents the morning special music, meditation, and message and later gives an educational seminar on developing intuition, as well as a concert of original music, “”Piano Passion.”” These are intended to generate inspiration for personal and planetary healing.

Dr. Tuttle’s website: http://www.worldpeacediet.com/

Connect with The Real Truth About Health: http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/

https://www.facebook.com/The-Real-Tru… https://www.instagram.com/therealtrut…



Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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23 Surprisingly toxic household items | Ocean Robbins | FoodRevolution.org

Some of the products in your home right now could be a source of toxins that contribute to premature aging and chronic disease. And when you know what they are, you can reduce your exposure!

That’s why my friend, Brian Vaszily, created the so-very-practical report: 23 Surprising Household Items That Cause Chronic Inflammation, Cancer, and Other Disease.

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In this research-based report, you’ll find out…

* Why most people today are routinely breathing in “PBDEs” at night that may cause cancer and thyroid, liver, and brain issues, and exactly what to do about it.  

* 3 very popular approaches to cleaning your clothes that you want to avoid at all costs (linked to cancer, respiratory issues, headaches, and more)  

* Why wanting to smell good can pose surprising and serious risks very few are aware of — and the simple and safe alternatives.  

* If you have a printer in your home, what you must know and do to stay safe.  

* 3 very common kitchen items that are strongly linked to cancer, hormonal issues, metabolic disorders and more, and the safe alternatives.  

* And much more.

With your report, you’ll also get complimentary registration for Younger, Longer: The Insider’s Health Summit. For this Summit, Brian is interviewing 22 anti-aging and longevity doctors and health researchers (from a range of backgrounds), asking each to share three of the most effective, scientifically-proven steps you can take to truly help you live long and well.

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Season 3 Episode 29: Dr. Alan Desmond – Part 2 – 97% of the USA is Deficient in This. Are You? — PLANTSTRONGPodcast.com

On a day-to-day basis, we can choose what kind of microbiome we’re going to build. Rip and Dr. Desmond explain how a healthy microbiome not only affects our physical health, but also our emotional well-being.

This week, we get into the nitty-gritty of gut health with Part Two of our conversation with Gastroenterologist, Dr. Alan Desmond. If you missed part one with Dr. Desmond’s Top 10 Prescriptions for Better Health, we highly recommend a listen!

Let me ask you this — “Where do you get your fiber?” If your first answer is Metamucil or any other fiber supplement, this episode is for you.

So many of us have what is known as a “carcinogenic microbiome.” It’s an unfortunate truth that millions are walking around with a gut filled with cancer-promoting cells. Not only is this leading to so many of the preventable chronic lifestyle diseases, but also debilitating mental and cognitive issues like depression, anxiety, dementia, and alzheimer’s.

BUT, here’s the great news. The studies also tell us that the more fruits and vegetables we consume, the higher our levels of optimism and the lower our levels of depressive symptoms.

How is that possible? Dr. Desmond and Rip explain the why and how.

Continued on Source: Season 3 Episode 29: Dr. Alan Desmond – Part 2 – 97% of the USA is Deficient in This. Are You? — PLANTSTRONG Podcast