The Most Important Reasons To Get Calcium From Non-Dairy Sources – By Author Brenda Davis | The Real Truth About Health

Brenda Davis offers fresh insights on the treatment of animals in food production and other industries, the latest findings on the health benefits of a vegan diet and expanded the information on phytochemicals, Brenda’s information is extensive in scope, yet manageable for anyone who wants to easily understand how to construct a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet.

Here are the latest findings on: using plant foods to protect against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses; obtaining essential protein without meat, eggs, or dairy products; discovering “”good”” fats and where to find them; meeting dietary needs for calcium without dairy products; understanding the importance of vitamin B12; designing balanced vegan diets for infants, children, and seniors; and making the most of vegan pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is a sound blueprint to follow for better health for yourself and the planet.

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Flashback Friday: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death | Dr. Michael Greger |

Death in America is largely a foodborne illness. Focusing on studies published in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Dr. Greger offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers in the United States.


Every year I scour the world’s scholarly literature on clinical nutrition, pulling together what I find to be the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking science on how to best feed ourselves and our families. I start with the thousands of papers published annually on human nutrition, and, thanks to a crack team of volunteers (and staff!), I’m able to whittle those down to about 3,000 studies, which are downloaded, categorized, read, analyzed, and churned into a few hundred short videos. This allows me to post new videos and articles every day, year-round, to This certainly makes the site unique. There’s no other science-based source for free daily updates on the latest discoveries in nutrition.

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The original video aired on July 26th 2012

Dr. Shiva LIVE: The Science of the Modern Immune System. 

#BuildCommunity. #BoostImmunity.

Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD in Biological Engineering, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Inventor, educates us on the modern science of the immune system, and provides evidence-based methods from a systems science perspective on the importance of building community and boosting immunity.

And learn more about Dr. Shiva on his website

Also, considering joining his Warrior program to access his private webinars where he talks about how he’s fighting for election integrity, health freedom and a lot more!

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What To Know About Salt & The One Type Of Food In Common With The Longest Living People Worldwide | Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N.

Did you know that what you eat could be making you sick? It’s true. Some foods such as poultry, beef, and dairy clog your body with energy-depleting fats, toxins, and chemicals. Where can you find the optimum nourishment your body needs to stay strong, healthy, and vigorous? For millions of people, the answer is in the health and healing properties of living foods—foods that are eaten raw and produced without dangerous, nutrient-robbing chemicals or additives.

For more than forty years, Brian Clement has been teaching people how to cleanse and heal their bodies with naturally potent living foods. Brian explains why living foods are vital to good health.

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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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How Much Protein Do We Need And Why Not Get It From Animals | Dr. Garth Davis

Garth Davis, MD, is the medical director of the Davis Clinic at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, and starred on the hit TLC show Big Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Davis also competes in marathons and Ironman triathlons and is the author of Proteinaholic.

Dr. Davis’ website: 

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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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How Ikigai Can Help You Live Longer + Take the Purpose Checkup | Blue Zones Project

Why Ikigai Might Be a Better Goal Than Happiness


Avocado Quinoa Salad with Edamame & Dried Cranberries

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches


Five exercises for longevity.

We love this dessert-inspired gut-healthy breakfast idea.

Has the pandemic affected your sleep?

We’re making: Triple Berry Coconut Pudding


What is your purpose? We all have unique gifts and interests. Are you putting them into practice to live a purposeful life?


Why do people in places like Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore report being happier than the rest of us?


Centenarians in the blue zones can articulate their life’s purpose and live out their values each day. Research supports the impact of purpose on overall health.


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Maximize Your Health Based on Practices of the World’s Healthiest People | The Blue Zones Solution in 90 Seconds

Dan Buettner, the New York Times bestselling author of The Blue Zones, lays out a proven plan to maximize your health based on the practices of the world’s healthiest people. For the first time, Buettner reveals how to transform your health using smart eating and lifestyle habits gleaned from new research on the diets, eating habits, and lifestyle practices of the communities he’s identified as “Blue Zones”—those places with the world’s longest-lived, and thus healthiest, people.

With this book’s audacious belief that the lifestyles of the world’s Blue Zones could be adapted and replicated in towns across North America, you’ll be inspired by the specific stories of the people, foods, and routines of our healthy elders; understand the role community, family, and naturally healthy habits can play to improve our diet and health; and learn the exact foods—including the 50 superfoods of longevity and dozens of recipes adapted for Western tastes and markets—that offer delicious ways to eat your way to optimum health.

Filled with moving personal stories, delicious recipes, checklists, and useful tips that will transform any home into a miniature blue zone, The Blue Zones Solution is the ultimate blueprint for a healthy, happy life.…

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How to implement Blue Zones City Projects for communities like mine.

Blue Zones Brands Real Estate and what it means for the future of the built environment.

Blue Zones Brands Retreats for employers and hospitality operators.

How to get a Blue Zones Speaker for my next event

Thanks, and remember – well-being begins with courage.

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Blue Zones Project | Blue Zones Brands Real Estate
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Plant Based Support Group | Stephanie Spencer | Natural State of Health plant based wellness services | Karen Seale | Plant Strong Book Club

Hello folks!

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having lately.  Our next Zoom meeting is tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd at 7 pm – Earth Day!  I’m going to be sharing a presentation on the Environmental Aspects of our modern agricultural system.  It’s pretty thought-provoking.  It will be at 7 pm.

Some interesting environmental documentaries (available on Netflix) related to this topic are: Cowspiracy, Kiss the Ground, and Seaspiracy.  You may notice some seeming contradictions between some of these documentaries and we can discuss those at the meeting as well.  

We had a great discussion last month.  A couple take-aways:  

Ellen L. highly recommends Robusto Olive in Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center for their great selection of delicious balsamic vinegars (much better than run-of-the mill grocery store balsamic).  Her favorites are gravenstein apple, garlic cilantro, and pomegranate! She sprinkles it on top of her salad (however much you want!!! ), adds Dijon or stone ground mustard, and squeezes the juice from some of the mandarin orange and tosses.  I imagine you could also just whisk the dressing up in a bowl first and then toss in your salad.

Also check out my LR WFPB No Oil Shopper Facebook group:  NO OIL hummus has been spotted at Whole Foods! The brand is Cedar’s-oil AND tahini free, so great for diabetes and heart disease reversal and they say it tastes delicious! (I haven’t tried it yet, but my friend that told me about it has a discerning palate, says it’s much better than the old Engine 2 brand.) This is a complete game changer for the “hummus dependent diets” of folks who don’t like to make their own!  I’ve also got “No Oil Finds” at local Farmer’s Markets. 

Here is the Zoom link:

Stephanie Spencer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Plant Based for Health Society of Central AR

Time: Apr 22, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 859 0486 2595

Passcode: 031430

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Meeting ID: 859 0486 2595

Passcode: 031430

Find your local number:

See y’all tomorrow!

Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN

Certified, Plant-Based Nutrition

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Owner, Natural State of Health

Plant-Based Wellness Services


Next Plant Strong Book Club – May 5, 2021

Wednesday, 7-8:00 p.m. via Zoom

Based on the consensus that our first book club discussion of The Pleasure Trap-Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness was well worth our time and that one hour was not enough, we are going to dedicate another session to the same book on May 5.  If you haven’t read this book by Drs. Douglas Lisle and Alan Goldhamer yet, grab a copy and plan on joining us. It is relatively short (208 pages) so you still have time.

Some of the things we touched upon in the first session were:

·      What exactly the pleasure trap is

·      The difference between pleasure and happiness

·      How dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin come into play 

·      The relationship between animal husbandry and the vast array of diseases, including COVID, that plague humans today 

·      Subtraction rather than addition for improved health

·      Out personal favorite quotes from the book

·      Most important take-away concepts

At the first session we talked more about what the pleasure trap is, but not much about how to break free of it. At the session on May 5, we will talk about:

·      The myths of moderate consumption and change

·      Specific strategies to create a new path of least resistance

·      How the ego trap can trip us up (See End Notes on p. 215)

·      The causes and effects of sleep deprivation

·      Water-only fasting as a natural adaptation for healing

If you want to get a head start on future book club discussions (date TBA), start reading Fiber Fueled by Will Bulsiewicz M.D. 


The Secrets Of Your Anatomy That Decide Which Foods Are Best For You To Eat | Milton Mills, M.D. | The Real Truth About Health

Milton Mills, MD practices urgent care medicine in the Washington DC area, and has served previously as Associate Director of Preventive Medicine and as a member of the National Advisory Board, for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). He has been a major contributor to position papers presented by PCRM to the United States Department of Agriculture regarding Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and has been the lead plaintiff in PCRM’s class action lawsuit that asks for warning labels on milk.

Dr. Mills earned his medical degree at Stanford University School of Medicine, and completed an Internal Medicine residency at Georgetown University Hospital. He has published several research journal articles dealing with racial bias in federal nutrition policy. He frequently donates his time via practicing at free medical clinics, and travels widely, speaking at hospitals, churches and community centers throughout the country. He was featured in the recent attention-getting film “What the Health,” and will also appear in the upcoming film “The Silent Vegan.”

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Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

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