Does Paleo Really Make You Healthier? – By Author Brian Clement – Hippocrates Institute

Does Paleo Really Make You Healthier? – By Author Brian Clement

Did you know that what you eat could be making you sick? It’s true. Some foods such as poultry, beef, and dairy clog your body with energy-depleting fats, toxins, and chemicals. Where can you find the optimum nourishment your body needs to stay strong, healthy, and vigorous? For millions of people, the answer is in the health and healing properties of living foods—foods that are eaten raw and produced without dangerous, nutrient-robbing chemicals or additives.

For more than forty years, Brian Clement has been teaching people how to cleanse and heal their bodies with naturally potent living foods. Brian explains why living foods are vital to good health.

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Fear, Immune System, Freedom + Segments from the “Overcoming Fear Summit” – Dr. Rashid A Buttar

This video is comprised of various segments form an interview held during the Overcoming Fear Summit held in October 2020. It is an excellent overview of the current situation regarding the so called “pandemic” and helps to explain the critical issues people need to understand. This video also goes into the difference between humoral immunity (antibody mediated) and cell-mediated or cellular immunity (cytotoxic cell mediated). It goes on to discuss the use of fear in making people give up their freedoms for the illusion of safety and concludes with information regarding the IADFW. If you find this video to be powerful, please share it with those you love today. Thank you.…

How to Build Resilience Through COVID-19 | Dr. Pam Popper

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From Bedridden with Back Pain to Running Marathons, By Selim Erünkut, Forks Over Knives

Ankylosing spondylitis arthritis left Selim bedridden with back pain—but since he changed his diet, he’s been pain-free. Read his story!

In 2017 I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis concentrated in the spine. For months I had been experiencing a lot of night sweating, along with intense back pain that started in the neck and went all the way down the spine to my sacroiliac joints. My inflammation markers were unusually high. My skin was pale and yellowish, and I didn’t have much energy. I had muscle knots all through my backside.

Often I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning for hours because of severe stiffness. On some days, running was impossible and even walking was painful. There were times when I was afraid I’d be run over while trying to make it across the street, as the light would change before I could make it to the other side. I was on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and a lot of different pain medications, but nothing seemed to really be helping.

I decided in June of that year to modify my diet and see if that impacted my symptoms. I knew that a whole-food, plant-based diet was purported to help with a host of chronic conditions. I had been vegan since 2013 but ate a lot of processed foods. I began eliminating those processed foods from my diet and loading up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

It was difficult at first: I needed to learn new ways to cook with spices and herbs, and how to appreciate the taste of whole fruits and vegetables. But I stuck with it.


Today I am medication-free and thriving as a plant-based athlete. Over the past three years, thanks to a plant-based diet and some personalized, science-based optimisations from my health coach, I completed a few marathons, one ultramarathon, and an Ironman 70.3.

My aim now is to help people struggling with autoimmune diseases by promoting a healthier lifestyle, creating conversations about food choices, encouraging more physical activity, and discussing techniques for stress management techniques, fasting, and cold therapy.

Over the course of this health and nutrition journey, I have become increasingly in tune with my body and aware of the impact I make on this planet. I can’t think of a more important mission than advocating a whole-food, plant-based diet. What we eat can have a transformative effect on our health, our environment, and the lives of future generations.

Ready to get started? Check out our Plant-Based Primer to learn more about adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet.

Source: From Bedridden with Back Pain to Running Marathons

Plant-Based Nutrition Basics – Dr. Garth Davis, MD | Plant-Based News

Speaking at ‘The Real Truth About Health’ conference, Dr. Garth Davis lays the foundations for a healthier diet and lifestyle – what to avoid, what to eat more of and do more of – simple steps to get people moving (literally and figuratively) towards better health.

0:38 – carb counting

1:00 – the longevity diet

1:35 – what to eat for a healthy weight long term

2:26 – whole foods – insulin response and appetite

2:50 – fibre and calorie density

4:00 – oils – misleading portion sizes

5:40 – misplaced carb fear/satiating foods

6:23 – teaching cooking – keep it simple

6:55 – taking pleasure in food

7:40 – hungry? eat an apple first

8:15 – you have time to exercise

8:50 – the best exercise to lose weight

9:20 – NEAT: movement – step counters, bio-feedback and goals

10:55 – video: motivating yourself

12:37 – simple answers: adding 14 years to your life

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Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish | Goodbye Lupus by Brooke Goldner, M.D.

So many people with chronic illness struggle with self-care. .

They can understand eating to get healthy, but the idea of taking time out to just relax and feel happy feels like they are being a bad person who is selfish. .

Here is some coaching from my 6 Week Rapid Recovery Group on this topic that I hope can help you too.


So many people with chronic illness struggle with self-care. November 20, and will run over Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, so only sign up if you want to get better MORE than you want to eat all those traditional unhealthy foods because there are no cheat days on rapid recovery!


You can learn more about the group at…


If you haven’t learned the nutrition plan yet make sure you go to and click on the free classes this week! For more info: ► Subscribe to My Channel: ►Where to follow and listen to Dr. G: ►FREE WEBINAR:… ►FREE healing recipes and support: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►To learn more about rapid recovery or make an appointment with Dr. G go to ►6 Week Rapid Recovery Group: Dr.

Brooke Goldner is a board certified medical doctor and the author of 3 best-selling books, Goodbye Autoimmune Disease, Goodbye Lupus and Green Smoothie Recipes to Kick-Start Your Health & Healing. She has been featured in multiple documentaries such as Eating You Alive, Whitewashed, and The Conspiracy Against Your Health, has been featured on TV news and the Home & Family Show, as well as many radio shows and podcasts, and is a highly sought after keynote speaker, who shares the stage regularly with Drs. Ornish, Esselstyn, Bernard Greger and T. Colin Campbell, to name a few. She has been featured on the front cover of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine 3 times, including the current cover of Fit Over Forty. She is a graduate of the Temple University School of Medicine, was Chief Resident at UCLA-Harbor Residency, and holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She is the founder of,, and creator of the Hyper-nourishing Protocol for Lupus Recovery.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER All the information provided by Brooke Goldner, M.D. and associated videos are strictly for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from your health care provider or physician. The information provided by Brooke Goldner, M.D. and associated videos cannot be used to make a diagnosis or treat any health condition. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. The information in this video is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Brooke Goldner, M.D. is not acting as your medical provider. —-

This May Be the Untold Secret to Longevity (Hint: It’s Not Only What You Eat) – Blue Zones

By Dan Buettner

Twelve years ago, Blue Zones became an instant bestseller not because it discovered a miracle diet or pill to live a longer life, but revealed, from the world’s longest-lived people that purpose, good social connectedness, and daily rituals to help us unwind were much more powerful than we thought. 


Now, Marta Zaraska, in her powerful new book, Growing Young: How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100, unpacks these “soft drivers” of health, showing us why they are more important than the marketer’s panacea, diet-and-exercise. 

I interviewed Marta from her home in Paris (from Santa Barbara).  I found her answers enlightening. —Dan Buettner

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Source: This May Be the Untold Secret to Longevity (Hint: It’s Not Only What You Eat) – Blue Zones

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Time in Nature Could Combat Psychological Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic

Blue Zones Projects in Action

The pandemic hasn’t halted Blue Zones work in Corry, PA. Grocery stores, an essential business have taken steps to help make the healthy choice the easy choice, even amidst this global crisis.

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The City of Muscatine has received the Planning Award for Urban Design. Work began in 2014 when, as part of the Blue Zones Project, the City began the work to redevelop the Mississippi riverfront into a recreational area for all citizens.

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Science Confirms Coffee Can Add Years to Your Life + Answer These Two Questions to Find Out How Happy You Are | From the Blue Zones Folks

Bringing the World’s Longevity and Happiness Secrets to American Cities

Rich Roll is a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, plant-based nutrition advocate, and host of the award-winning, chart-topping Rich Roll Podcast, where he interviews forward-thinking, paradigm-busting minds in the health, fitness, and nutrition world. He talked with Dan Buettner about The Blue Zones of Happiness and how we can all design our surroundings to stack the deck in favor of happiness. Watch the interview below.

In our blue zones research, we found that the healthiest, longest-lived people in the world were nudged into healthy behaviors by their environments. So when we were asked to try and implement some of these blue zones principles (called the Power 9) in American cities, we used evidence-based policies to change the actual environment in which people live.

Making permanent and semi-permanent changes to the environment is at the core of our Blue Zones Project communities.

Our minds are hardwired for novelty, so we crave new things. Our attention can only last so long. Take diets for example. After seven months, 90 percent of people have discarded their diets. Discipline is a muscle and muscles fatigue, so people revert back to their old behaviors.

If you want people to eat better, move better, socialize better, and live better, then you have to optimize their environments. That’s what we do in our Blue Zones Project communities with incredible success.

It’s the same with happiness.

Things like savoring each moment, gratitude, and meditation can work in the short term to make you happier. However, just like changing your diet, these techniques require you to remember and implement them on a regular basis. They are not strategies that ensure long-term happiness.

6 Factors For Happiness, According to the Newest Research

There are six factors that correlate to personal happiness no matter where you live. 

  1. Trust. Can I trust my neighbor?
  2. Tolerance. Can I live out my values?
  3. Community. Do I have strong social connections?
  4. Healthy life expectancy. Take our True Vitality Test to measure your life expectancy.
  5. GDP. Money does matter…up to a certain point.
  6. Freedom. Do I have the freedom to do the work that is right for me?

While it isn’t likely that you can pick up and move to one of the happiest places in the world where these factors are present, you can still optimize your own life, social circle, and everyday routine to find purpose, pleasure, and pride.

Download the Rich Roll Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more in The Blue Zones of Happiness.

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We’re making: Chakchoukha (Algerian Chickpea Stew) for when the temps start to drop.

6 Factors for Happiness
These are the six factors that correlate to personal happiness no matter where you live.   
What We’re Reading: Why do Okinawan women live so long? The Queen has a few cocktails every night…could it be the secret to her record-breaking reign?  We’re making: Chakchoukha (Algerian Chickpea Stew) for when the temps start to drop.         The Happiest Place in the World The happiness of Costa Ricans proves that money can reduce some sadness, but it can’t buy happiness.   Click Above to Watch the Video     Coffee with a Cause Coffee is a daily ritual in blue zones areas. Most centenarians in blue zones regions drink up to two or three cups of black coffee per day. The American Heart Association found that consuming coffee, both caffeinated and decaf, was associated with a lower risk of total mortality. 

100% of Blue Zones Store profits go to centenarians in Costa Rica.

Shop the Blue Zones Store     These 2 Questions Can Tell You How Happy You Are     Science Confirms Coffee Can Add Years to Your Life     What is the Happiest Place in the U.S.?         Why Mexicans Are Among the Happiest People in the World      

What You Need To Know About Your Biggest Health Risks Today – The Real Truth About Health

“The World’s Top Nutrition And Lifestyle Doctors Explain The Latest Research On How To Dramatically Reduce Your Chance Of Getting A Disease While Maintaining Your Optimal Weight And Health: Part 2 with Brenda Davis, R.D., David Katz, M.D., T. Colin Campbell Ph.D., Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr, M.D., Walter C. Willett, M.D., Pamela A, Popper, Ph.D., Alan Goldhamer, D.C.,

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The Role of Epigenetics in the Obesity Epidemic Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

Amazingly, a baby born to an obese surrogate mother with a skinny biological mom may harbor a greater risk of becoming obese than a baby from a big biological mom born to a slim surrogate.


A few weeks ago, I had a video about The Best Diet for Weight Loss & Disease Prevention. But what triggered the whole obesity epidemic? It’s a multitude of factors, and I covered many of them in my 11-video series on the epidemic:

There are other ways by which we are what our moms ate:

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