The Covidian Cult (Part III) | B.J. Hopkins |

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The Covidian Cult (Part III)

In The Covidian Cult (Part I) and (Part II), I characterized the so-called “New Normal” as a “global totalitarian ideological movement.” Since I published those essays, more and more people have come to see it for what it is, not “insanity” or “an overreaction,” but, in fact, a new form of totalitarianism, a globalized, pathologized, depoliticized form, which is being systematically implemented under the guise of “protecting the public health.”

In order to oppose this new form of totalitarianism, we need to understand how it both resembles and differs from earlier totalitarian systems. The similarities are fairly obvious — the suspension of constitutional rights, governments ruling by decree, official propaganda, public loyalty rituals, the outlawing of political opposition, censorship, social segregation, goon squads terrorizing the public, and so on — but the differences are not obvious.

Whereas 20th-Century totalitarianism (i.e., the form most people are generally familiar with) was more or less national and overtly political, New Normal totalitarianism is supranational, and its ideology is much more subtle. The New Normal is not Nazism or Stalinism. It is global-capitalist totalitarianism, and global capitalism doesn’t have an ideology, technically, or, rather, its ideology is “reality.” When you are an unrivaled global ideological hegemon, as global capitalism has been for the last 30 years or so, your ideology automatically becomes “reality,” because there are no competing ideologies. Actually, there is no ideology at all … there is only “reality” and “unreality,” “normality” and “deviations from the norm.”

Yes, I know, reality is reality … that’s why I’m putting all these terms in scare quotes, so, please, spare me the lengthy emails conclusively proving the reality of reality and try to understand how this works.

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Another COVID ‘Fact’ Turns Out To Be A Wild Exaggeration | Issues & Insights

We keep hearing how hospitals are being overrun with COVID patients because of those dastardly unvaccinated. This has certainly made the Delta variant look highly dangerous, helped keep people in a state of panic, and ginned up support for draconian vaccine mandates. But is it as bad as we’re being told?

Two studies suggest that all the talk of mass hospitalization from the COVID outbreak is a huge exaggeration. Researchers found that a substantial number of those admitted to hospitals – adults and children – either have minor symptoms or were checked in for something else but happened to test positive for COVID after being admitted.

Of course, that’s not the message the public is getting. Instead, we are being treated daily to headlines such as:

“Child Covid-19 hospitalizations soar, filling pediatric wings, data show”

“COVID-19 Hospitals: overrun with COVID patients”

“As Idaho hospitals ration care, doctors fear a COVID peak may still be weeks away”

When the death rate from COVID plunged, the media started focusing on the number of people hospitalized as the “better” indicator of how serious the current COVID outbreak is.

But that measure is grossly inflated because hospitals test every patient and are required to report any positive result, even if the patient has no symptoms. The result, as a surprisingly honest article in the Atlantic points out, is that “the overall tallies of COVID hospitalizations, made available on various state and federal dashboards and widely reported on by the media, do not differentiate based on severity of illness.”

The article points to new a new study by researchers the VA Boston Healthcare System and Tufts University, which tried to understand the severity of these hospital visits by looking at electronic records data from Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country. That way they could see which COVID patients needed supplemental oxygen or whose blood oxygen level went below 94%, which are indicators of a severe COVID case.

They found that last year, as COVID was emerging and before there were any vaccines, nearly two-thirds of those who tested positive in hospitals for COVID had severe symptoms. But this year, only about half did. The rest either had been admitted for other reasons or had a mild case of the disease.

And that’s not just because more of those admitted this year have been vaccinated. The researchers found that unvaccinated patients also had milder symptoms overall this year than last.

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Breaking Vaccine Data – Antibody Dependent Enhancement EXPLODING! | Dr. Jane Ruby & Stew Peters |

RumbleDr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters for “Ask Dr. Jane”, a new weekly segment on “The Stew Peters Show”, at which point Dr. Ruby revealed HORRIFIC details and data now emerging, ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) is exploding in “vaccinated” people.

Source: Breaking Vaccine Data – Antibody Dependent Enhancement EXPLODING!

Dr Judy Mikovitz: How to Naturally Stop mRNA Spike Proteins Damaging Your Body After a Covid Jab |

Dr. Judy Mikovitz, from the Plandemic movie, is a biochemist and molecular biologist who knows the effects of supplements on the body’s cells and on viruses. In this video you will see her name the supplements, natural products, and lifestyle habits…   Yikes! No chicken soup!!!

Source: Dr Judy Mikovitz: How to Naturally Stop mRNA Spike Proteins Damaging Your Body After a Covid Jab

MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Directer John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid

Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services

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Source: MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Directer John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid

SUPERCUT: Biden Regime Lied About Vaccine Mandates For Nearly A Year [VIDEO] | by Zach Heilman |

Why anyone ever believes these people is beyond me.

In general, Joe Biden, his regime, and the Left have built up quite the reputation of lying about almost everything.

This time we’re just going to focus on the ones surrounding COVID Vaccine mandates.

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COVID Can Be Stopped With Cheap Treatments? – Other Countries Are Doing It, US Refuses | Dr. Ryan Cole |

It’s not a pandemic of the unvaccinated, it’s a pandemic of the will to treat…

The so-called experts and the talking heads of Big Media keep repeating the phrase “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” to dehumanize free thinkers, sow division amongst the people, and push experimental medical procedures for the profit of Big Pharma.

We now have more cases, of up to 300% by some reports, than we did last year at the same time.

The big difference between now and then?

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THIS IS CRAZY!!! | Jason Shurka

Las Vegas casinos have just modified their smoking policies. At first, I thought this was a great move, and then… I read the modification. You can’t make this up!!!

With all the chaos happening around the world today, I have decided to show up more regularly on the Academy platform where I can speak freely!


With Infinite Love,

Jason Shurka

LIVE 21-Day Plant Based Challenge Course | Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN Certified, Plant Based Nutrition T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

A recent groundbreaking study from the British Medical Journal tracked almost 3,000 frontline health care workers (doctors and nurses) that had high exposure to COVID.  After adjusted for confounding factors like a preexisting healthy lifestyle and/or underlying health conditions, the study found that those who contracted COVID that followed Plant Based diets had a 73% lower risk of having a moderate to severe course of infection than the general population.  But those on a high-protein, low carb (keto, paleo) diet had a 48% higher risk of a moderate to severe course of COVID infection than the general population.

So even though they controlled their weight with a keto/paleo type of diet, these healthcare workers had almost a 50% weaker immune response than those who were not on any special diet at all.

This is because a high-meat diet is relatively low in nutrient density (we discuss this in my class), whereas a Plant-Based diet is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which strengthen the immune system.

And as a bonus, a hyper-nourishing, high fiber Whole Food Plant Based Diet is the easiest way to attain permanent weight loss (no will-power required when you’re never hungry!) while strengthening your immune system AT THE SAME TIME!

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Plant Based nutrition in combating chronic disease and attaining permanent weight loss, click HERE.  LIVE and Live Streamed Classes begin September 28th at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in West Little Rock WFPB take-home meals available for purchase after class. We’d love to see you there!

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Kim H, Rebholz CM, Hegde S, et al Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a population-based case–control study in six countries BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health 2021;bmjnph-2021-000272. doi: 10.1136/bmjnph-2021-000272

Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN Certified, Plant Based Nutrition T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Source: Live Group Course | Natural State of Hea

9-19-21 Update: Read more about Stephanie: