Join the FREE Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass with Ocean Robbins and Team Sherzai 



Glad to see that our remarkable friends, Drs. Ayesha and Dean Sherzai, will be offering a free master class on brain health soon.
The Sherzais are considered two of the most respected and influential neurologists in the world today, creating practical strategies that prevent, stop, and in many cases reverse brain diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia.
Their best-selling book, The Alzheimers Solution, has helped not only my own 92-year old vegan mother, but tens of thousands of other people as well. Drs. Dean and Ayesha understand the powerful beneficial effects of a whole-food, organic vegan way of eating and living, and combine this with other helpful insights and exercises so that we can all keep sharp, healthy minds well into our 90s and beyond.
It’s hard to think of anything more critical than the health of our brain. You can find out more and get an online seat here.
This is information that can help your loved ones, yourself, animals, and future generations.
Thanks for your efforts on behalf of a more conscious world!

That’s it for now,

Dr. Will Tuttle
Author, The World Peace Diet

PS – Madeleine and I will be embarking on our 4-month Benevolent Revolution Tour this coming Tuesday, and delivering presentations promoting vegan living in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida in the next few months. Please join us and/or share with friends living in these states – thanks!
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Source: Join the FREE Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass.