Caged animals are safe, but it is not much of a life | Dunning-Krueger effect versus intentional evil | Robert W Malone MD, MS

I returned late last night from speaking at the Gateway for Freedom conference, which was held at the Gateway Conference Center in Collinsville, IL (suburb of St. Louis). Why was it held in Collinsville, Illinois you ask? Because not a single conference venue actually located in the city of St. Louis would allow it to be held in the city, as the speakers and topics to be discussed were not acceptable. So the conference organizers had to go across the river to a venue in Illinois. That is where this all has come to. The words of Drs. Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Richard Urso and Ryan Cole are apparently so dangerous that they should not be heard by a general audience.

Many attendees asked me a question that I also find deeply troubling. Why have we, all of us, all over the world, been subjected to these profoundly destructive and counterproductive “public health” polices since January 2020? All the same policies, same justifications, same words, same censorship, same actions, all over the western world. Is it due to incompetence on the part of “public health officials” (but globally harmonized?), due to some evil pre-conceived global plan, or due to various powerful groups who seek to exploit a viral infection to advance their economic, geopolitical, or other power-related objectives? And how could this happen, in such a globally coordinated fashion? This is what I call “The Big How” question, and was first posed to me by Bret Weinstein on the infamous June 14, 2021 Dark Horse Podcast “How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps” (which once could be found here, but no longer, as it apparently violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines). Three old men sitting around a table talking for three hours was clearly an unacceptable “threat to democracy” (ignoring for the moment that the USA is a republic, not a democracy). “Threat to Democracy” is the boogie man/fear porn language that is repeatedly trotted out to justify censorship by Obama, the corporate media, the World Economic Forum, and a wide range of apologists who reside all over the world (including the WHO and the WEF– which organizations are most decidedly not democratic).

The one hour version of the pivotal “How to Save the World” podcast can be found here. The full podcast can now be found here.

“The Big How” question clearly requires multiple choice answer format. Can I please be allowed to select “all of the above” as my answer? Without being concern trolled with accusations that I am “controlled opposition”? Thanks. Moving on now….

Jill and I listen carefully to our readers and those that we meet during our travels, and always learn from the valuable feedback that is freely given. While at the “Gateway for Freedom” conference, I had one participant come to me with what I call “The Big Why”, and another told me how much she appreciates our publications discussing various aspects of the (dysfunctional) psychology that has driven the arbitrary and capricious policies which we have all been subjected to.

What is the motivation behind what the various globalist overlords have done to us? Just as “The Big How” appears to be multifactorial, at a minimum combining incompetence and (truly evil) exploitation of the “opportunity” presented by the outbreak (leavened by clear evidence of pre-planning), this is also the case with “The Big Why”. Unfortunately, I lack the ability to read minds, and have not been invited to the inner planning meetings of the globalist overlords, so I can only formulate multiple working hypotheses and infer which of those hypotheses have merit based on the data at hand. Unlike those who have been “black pilled” and who conclude overwhelming grand conspiracies as the explanation for everything having to do with the COVIDcrisis, I try to constrain my interpretations by the boundaries of the verifiable.

In other words, there is no way that I can provide any definitive answer to “The Big Why” while still maintaining what shreds of intellectual objectivity I can still clutch around me like pieces of torn cloth in an effort to retain some degree of professionalism and dignity. I choose to leave it to others to provide their versions of the simple grand unifying explanation. Not to say that any of these are either false or true. I just have no way of knowing which is which. And unless you have been brought into the “inner circle” of the globalist overlords (or are one of the 4,000 who have achieved the 33rd level of Scottish Freemasonry, or one of the illuminati or of the tribe of lizard people?), I suggest that you are in the same boat that I am trying to paddle. I have heard second hand stories of high status hereditary leaders having been warned in 2019 that the global economy was about to be shut down for a period of years, and that they should prepare for such. So who knows. Maybe there are vampires, and I have just never (knowingly) encountered one. Hard to disprove theories like this.

However, both you and I can learn from various scholars of political science and psychology who have spent lifetimes studying and understanding behavioral and psychological phenomena which can help both of us to at least make some sense out of what we have been subjected to. Probably you are like me, and would like to see those who have done these truly evil things to humanity be held accountable for their actions. But in this aspect, I am afraid that I have been “black pilled”, and decades of observing the culture of the WHO, the Imperial Capital (Washington DC) and their administrative state actors has lead me to adopt a rather nihilistic point of view concerning the likelihood of any of the guilty being held accountable. Please prove me wrong.

In prior presentations and Substacks, we have together explored a variety of psychological and political science theories which I believe can help make sense out of the otherwise confusing and non-sensical aspects of the COVIDcrisis.

These include

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