Legislative Informational Hearing on the Religious Exemptions 5/13/2019 | LeeAnn Ducat, founder of Informed Choice CT

On Thursday evening of 5/9/19 LeeAnn Ducat, founder of Informed Choice CT was invited to participate in an informational hearing the following Monday by State Representative Liz Linehan.

At the time of the invite, and up until the start of the event, LeeAnn was given no details about the content of discussion, the other people that were participating or who exactly she would be speaking to. She enthusiastically agreed anyway, knowing that is was going to be an ambush.

Turns out, it was an entire panel of pro-mandate legislators and a dais of all pro mandate physicians, health care representatives, and a morbidly obese rabbi preaching about health and how mandates are necessary.

Watch LeeAnn take on the entire panel and deconstruct the flaws in all of their arguments while advocating against the removal of the exemptions.

***The religious exemption was repealed two years later and LeeAnn has organized a massive legal challenge.