The government’s “science” behind Monkeypox is hilarious | by TDB/Simon Black via Sovereign Man |

by Simon Black via Sovereign Man

Through the pandemic, public health officials have taken some ridiculous actions with their “health” powers.

In some cases they barred people from accessing their own property, and in others locked them inside their homes.

They threatened to cut off utilities to businesses which didn’t shut down, threatened to separate families, and tried to force parents to be vaccinated to keep custody of their kids.

Don’t even get me started on Australia’s COVID concentration camps and walled-off towns.

It was all supposedly in pursuit of following “the science”.

COVID Warlord Anthony Fauci was the leading cheerleader in the US for mandatory mask policies and draconian lockdowns.

But when Texas refused to shut down or mask up, Fauci shrugged and said he was “not really quite sure” why COVID cases in Texas didn’t skyrocket, as he had ominously predicted. Yet despite being a man of science, Fauci wasn’t interested in finding out why he was so wrong.

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