Why We Veto the Keto Diet…and You Should Too! | Rip Esselstyn | PLANTSTRONG.com

The keto diet, and others like it (Paleo, Atkins, South Beach), have become ubiquitous in our diet culture because of their rapid weight-loss effects. Unfortunately, that weight loss has come at a major cost, and that cost is our overall health. Not only are we not getting thinner as a society, but we’re also definitely not getting any healthier.

Consuming a high-protein, high-fat diet that is overloaded with saturated fats, oils, acid, and cholesterol, is a physiological parlor trick, as Dr. Michael Klaper says.

People are trading years of vibrant life for pounds on a scale, which is not a trade you should be willing to make.


In addition, high protein diets increase your risk of cancers, bone damage, including osteoporosis, and kidney diseases.

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