Circles of Slavery and Liberation | World Peace Diet | by Dr. Will Tuttle |

How can we most effectively understand and positively transform our current situation? According to the Buddhist metaphor of the Great Mirror Wisdom, we are called to contemplate the many ways that our outer world mirrors our inner attitudes and perspectives. The outer world as a great mirror holds true not just for us individually but collectively as well. We have, as a society, inherited a way of living based on routinely imprisoning and killing billions of animals for food, and this has created a circle of slavery in our human world. What we sow in our treatment of those who are at our mercy, we reap in our own lives.

Our cultural indoctrination compels us to assume that we have the right to rape billions of cows, pigs, chickens, fishes, and other animals, and enslave them and their offspring on animal agriculture and aquaculture operations. This is the hidden and undiscussed driving force behind the widespread human slavery, injustice, and oppression over the centuries, and why it looms even larger in our world today, despite our many efforts. The more we enslave animals, the more we find ourselves enslaved; in fact, it is only people who have already significantly lost their sovereignty who would ever consent to participate in the enslavement of other beings. When we commodify and enslave animals by purchasing animal-sourced foods and products, we are reduced, unavoidably, to commodities and slaves ourselves. This is the Circle of Slavery. We can easily see its consequences rocking our world today in ever-greater waves of reverberating assaults on our freedom, health, and cultural sanity.

The good news is that there is a Circle of Liberation also. The outer reflects the inner, and as we authentically liberate animals, we sow the seeds of our own liberation, both individually and collectively. Ahimsa, the practice of nonviolence, is the practice of the teaching of the Golden Rule, which is a universal expression of the Great Mirror Wisdom. Ultimately, this practice is unavoidable on our journey toward the joy and fulfillment of realizing our full potential as human beings in this world.

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