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White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines

ZeroHedge reported:

As rampant inflation continues to kick Americans in the teeth, the Biden administration can’t stop doing victory laps over how much they’ve “accomplished” — by taking credit for things that were already in motion.

On Thursday, the White House patted itself on the back once again — bragging about “8.3 million jobs” and “the fastest decline in unemployment to start a President’s term” in history — the natural reaction to the government’s job-killing pandemic restrictions being lifted.

But wait, they also lied — claiming that when Biden took office, “millions were unemployed and there was no vaccine available,” which is categorically false. For starters, Biden himself was vaccinated before taking office. In fact, more than one million doses per day were being administered when Biden took office under the Trump administration’s “Operation Warp Speed.”

And while the admin can count on Twitter not to label their tweet “false or misleading” — as they so frequently did during the last administration, the lie was so blatant that CNN even called them out on it — and they issued a correction the next day (it wasn’t a lie, they simply “misstated” a fact).

CDC: No Documents Supporting Claim Vaccines Don’t Cause Variants

The Epoch Times reported:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it does not have documents backing its claim that COVID-19 vaccines do not cause variants of the virus that causes COVID-19.

The CDC’s website calls it a myth that the vaccines cause variants. “FACT: COVID-19 vaccines do not create or cause variants of the virus that causes COVID-19. Instead, COVID-19 vaccines can help prevent new variants from emerging,” the website states.

The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a nonprofit, asked the CDC in Freedom of Information Act requests for documentation supporting the claim.

The CDC has now responded to both requests, saying a search “found no records responsive” to them.

COVID Concerns Fade as 57% Say They Don’t Fear Getting the Virus: Poll

The Daily Wire reported:

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