Gab with Gail: Gail Lynn, Inventor Harmonic Egg, speaks with Dr. Dana Anglund!

Join Gail as she speaks with Dr. Dana Anglund, D.O. In this discussion, they discuss:

* Western medicine and alternative medicine can dovetail together, and should not be wedged apart

* “We have outsourced the human experience” – the wisdom of listening to your own body

* A new paradigm of looking at the “whole” body * Disorders in weight are a nutritional and energetic issue * Is your soul nourished?

* The dangers of living in constant stress

* The importance of touch for the human soul

* Viruses are attracted to fear; love is the answer!

DR. DANA ANGLUND is an osteopathic physician with a practice in Denver, Colorado, who has developed his own energy healing modality called Divine Still Point. Dr. Anglund teaches other physicians, medical students, and healers about many aspects of energy healing and integrative medicine.

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