“DELTACRON” & THE “ANTI-ANTIVAXXERS” | Peggy Hall – The Healthy American and our friends at PRISM



The Healthy American is a champion of these three principles – education, connection, and action when fighting against tyranny and much of our education focuses around the laws that protect our freedom. We rarely get into the science of vaccines or the flu or the “crons” because there are many wonderful, tenured organizations that have this area covered; like our friends at PRISM who recently covered the newly emerging emergent – Deltacron (dun dun DUN). Welcome to the next comedy show!With jokes aside, what I look for and respect most in any leader is when they walk their talk and can tell it like is. Two separate items. One is about being transparent and practicing what you preach. The other is speaking up and speaking the truth even when you know in doing so, will get you into hot waters. When reading last week’s newsletter from PRISM about being called an antivaxxer, Britt writes, “…we don’t understand why speaking out against vaccines should be considered a slur. We are proud of having spoken out against vaccines for many years. Being against vaccines is the logical, scientific stance to take. Statistics and billions of dollars in payouts to vaccine victims by the government vaccine court should be enough to convince any thinking person that vaccines are dangerous”.

This really got me wondering, why do so many, “leaders” and commoners like me, in the freedom movement shy away from being called an antivaxxer? If they’ve studied enough vaccines of any kind, did they not come to the same conclusion that thousands, if not millions, of us already have? That all vaccines were created with the intent to poison humanity, mind, body, and soul, and it always does more harm than any good? And if they didn’t study all the other vaccines, do they even have the right to be on stage with a bullhorn or mic in hand? If they do claim they’ve done the studies but is still “not an antivaxxer”, shouldn’t we question anyone’s level of understanding, common sense, and motives if they visibly cannot put two and two together? Perhaps, they just don’t want to put it together on stage…?

If you haven’t already, head over to PRISM and sign up for their newsletter! They know the science and do such awesome work informing us of all the hogwash that’s happening in real time AND they’ve got the previous years of fight under their belt to serve as a knowledgeable resources on the topic. We know our Healthy Americans appreciate a true, fearless leader who walks the walk and can tell it like they see it so we’re thankful to have connected and can collaborate in this way with our friends at PRISM.

I want to close by quoting our friend Britt once again who perfectly articulates my thoughts on this matter – “Standing up against the vaccine religion may not be an easy thing for high profile health freedom defenders to do, but in order to change public perception that vaccines are the answer to every invented pandemic that comes along, they need to find their courage and do just that. Once the public understands that vaccines do not protect, and harms their health, it will be impossible for drug/vaccine companies to manipulate people with their lies and fearmongering about new phony pandemics. Telling the truth is always the best course of action. ”

There is only one Truth, and those who seek it shall find it.

xoxo – Nari, proud antivaxxer since 2020

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