The Backlash By Animal Exploiting Industries to the Growth of Veganism | From Sandra Higgins | & | February 2022

‘Go Vegan’ billboard draws ire and ink from traditional ‘food’ producers.

An article in the Irish Independent in 2018*, illustrates how threatened the animal exploiting industries are by anti-speciesist, vegan education (full text of the newspaper article below). An increasing number of people become aware of the facts of speciesist, animal use, every year through the work of animal rights education and the promotion of veganism by organisations but also through the very powerful work of individuals who influence their family, friends and colleagues in person and on social media. It is reasonable to assume that the numbers of people going vegan is increasing. There is most certainly an increase in the production and availability of vegan friendly foods, clothing and personal care, cosmetic and cleaning products. While consumerism does not equate with the moral belief that underpins veganism and is not a necessary nor sufficient criteria for respecting the rights of other animals, it at least shows that there is a growing demand for goods that align with their beliefs by people who avoid animal exploitation and use, not only in their diet, but in other aspects of their lives as well.

The backlash by the animal exploiting industries and those who represent them has been remarkable. The article reprinted below uses a photograph of a failed attempt to tear the Go Vegan World advert from its billboard, something that has occurred on more than this occasion. Try as they might to prevent the truth from being exposed, the public are learning about the abhorrent practices on which seemingly benign products such as dairy, flesh, eggs, leather and wool are predicated, and discovering that these products are unnecessary and can be very easily replaced by plant-based alternatives. The public are becoming aware that the animals they so thoughtlessly used and imagined to be inferior to them, are feeling beings who have rights.

Industry representatives persist in defending the indefensible exploitation of innocent animals by referring to their irrelevant standards of animal welfare, irrelevant because animal welfare is simply a set of guidelines on how animals are bred to be killed for profit. Advocates of these abhorrent industries choose to remain oblivious to the fact that it is not how animals are treated that is the crux of the issue, but the fact that we use feeling animals who value their lives as much as we value our lives, as if they were inanimate objects, breeding, exploiting and killing them for products that we do not need. Few of these ‘agvocates’ are willing to invite the public onto their pig and chicken farms, or willing to show them taking newborn calves from their mothers on dairy farms, of to invite us into slaughterhouses to show their young animals being brutally killed in exchange for money.

On numerous occasions our Go Vegan World ads have been accused of being being misleading despite the fact that subsequent investigations found them to be factual. The irony is that the most misleading industries of all are those promoting animal use. There is not a single manufacturer, anywhere in the world, willing to provide accurate information on their packaging that informs consumers of the reality of animals’ lives and their brutal deaths, or the facts on the intersectional damaging effects of animal agriculture on the environment and human health. Instead they obfuscate and perpetuate the myth that because humans need ‘essential’ nutrients (i.e. nutrients that are not produced by the human body and must be sourced in our diet), the addition of those nutrients to animal’s diets and the subsequent presence of them in animal products equates with those products being ‘essential’ components of our diet. Most of the claims made on the nutritional profile of animal products omit the fact that animals are given supplements of vitamins and minerals to ensure sufficient intake and their presence in the products of their bodies. The facts on plant only diets are quite clear: they are nutritionally adequate and can help prevent many diet related diseases and premature mortality.

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