Your Daily VegInspiration: Hidden in Plain Sight | Dr. Will Tuttle | 1-3-22 through 1-9-22

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The Lesson is Plain 1-3-22

The lesson is plain: when we harden ourselves to the suffering we inflict on animals in our own interest, and justify it by proclaiming our superiority or specialness, it is but a short and unavoidable step to justifying and inflicting the same kind of suffering on other humans in our own interest while likewise proclaiming our supremacy or specialness.

Practicing Mindful Eating 1-4-22

We are conditioned mentally to disconnect our food from the animal who was mindlessly abused to provide it, but the vibrational fields created by our food choices impact us profoundly whether we pretend to ignore them or not. Practicing mindful eating illuminates these hidden connections, cleanses our mind, heart, and actions, and removes inner masks and armor so that it becomes quite plain to see.

Healing Gender, Race, and Class Divisions 1-5-22

As the mentality of domination and exclusivism fades, we will be able to heal divisions of gender, race, and class.

Unremitting Conflict and Oppression 1-6-22

The unremitting conflict and oppression of history are unavoidable byproducts of confining and killing animals for food, as is the male role model of macho toughness that is required of both the professional animal killer (herder) and the soldier. If we desire to eat animal foods, this suffering is the unavoidable price we must pay.

Looking Deeply at Our Food 1-7-22

As we look more deeply at our food, the healing of our children can begin, and our work can be resurrected as an instrument for blessing and bringing joy and caring to our world.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – 1-8-22

If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities, and we pass it on to our children, generation upon generation. Our violent actions speak so much more loudly than our peaceful words, and this is the unyielding dilemma of the herding culture we call home.
The only way to solve this dilemma is to evolve cognitively and ethically to a higher level where our actions do not belie our words and force us into unconsciousness and denial, but rather align with and reinforce our words and the universal spiritual teachings that instruct us to love one another, and to have mercy on the weak and vulnerable rather than exploiting and dominating them.

Hidden in Plain Sight – 1-9-22

To stop the atrocities, we must awaken from the absurd belief that animals are insentient, trivial, soulless property objects and challenge our religious institutions to extend ethical protection to animals.

This of course will mean challenging the meals at the center of social and religious life and the atrocities “hidden in plain sight” within those meals.

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