Keeping Unvaccinated Children From School Is Discrimination With No Medical or Scientific Basis | By Vasko Kohlmayer |

NOTEIt is now clear that the vaccinators are determined to force their injections on every single person regardless of whether they need them or not. In recent months children have become one of their primary targets, and they are coming with increasingly backhanded tactics to get them injected. One of them is the policy of sending into quarantine unvaccinated children who come into contact with an infected student while at the same time allowing their vaccinated counterparts to continue with their in-school instruction. This, of course, makes no sense from a point of view of public health, since the vaccines do not protect against infection. Nevertheless, it serves the vaccinators’ purpose, because it will essentially shut out unvaccinated children from school given that infections will be very common in the next three months. Below is a sample letter you can use to push back and explain to schoolmasters and health authorities why their policy makes no sense.


Dear Mr. Schoolmaster,

We would like to express our deep dismay at the fact that our child was sent home along with her unvaccinated classmates after coming into contact with a child who tested positive for the coronavirus.

We understand that the vaccinated children were allowed to continue coming to school.

The policy of quarantining only the unvaccinated after exposure to infected persons has no scientific or medical basis. This is because the available data makes it very clear that the current Covid-19 vaccines are not capable of protecting their recipients from contracting the coronavirus and transmitting it to others.

This is a well-known fact that has been established by research, peer-reviewed studies, and statements by top public health officials.

On August 5 in an interview with CNN, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission of the coronavirus. Referring to the vaccines that are currently available against Covid-19, Dr. Walensky stated, “but what they [the vaccines] can’t do any anymore is to prevent transmission.”

The implication of Dr Walensky’s statement is that vaccinated persons are getting infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and then in turn infect others whether they are vaccinated or not. This means that a person’s vaccination status has no bearing on how prone they are to getting infected or how likely they are to transmit the virus to those around them.

Dr. Walensky’s position has been borne out by an extensive body of evidence. In the last six months, “breakthrough” infections – which are infections detected in vaccinated individuals – have been very common, and there are even some indications that vaccinated individuals are more prone to getting infected than the unvaccinated.

Last week, for example, an article appeared in the US magazine Newsweek titled Omicron Variant Found in More Vaccinated People in U.S. as Resistance Concerns Persist. The article points out that so far more Omicron cases have been detected in those who have been vaccinated than in those who have not been.

Earlier this year, health authorities at the Ben Gurion airport in Israel found that vaccinated travellers were twice as likely to test positive for Sars-Cov-2 than those who had not been inoculated. In other words, the vaccinated were 100 percent more likely to be infected than their unvaccinated counterparts.

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