The non-existent virus: why I keep pounding on this | by Jon Rappoport |





by Jon Rappoport

December 15, 2021

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Why have I spent nearly two years asserting that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist?

Because it doesn’t exist.

And as my regular readers know, I’ve offered much evidence to back up that claim, and the claim that virology itself is a worthless sham.

But there is a larger point. I’ve made the point for over 20 years.

Reality is invented.

I sometimes characterize the operation with this name: The Reality Manufacturing Company.

It’s the oldest company on Earth.

Propaganda? Of course. But more than that—the engineering of perception. Because if they can get people to see how they want them to see, nothing else matters.

Once their perception-package is installed, people have no idea that anything else exists.

And the main forgotten factor? Every individual has his own UNIQUE and DIFFERENT way of seeing. A way that exists outside of any programming.

Which is why I continue to write about artists. THEY are the ones who express their own unique ways of seeing. They always have—when they weren’t bribed and co-opted into going along with the Reality Manufacturing Company’s perception package.

I’ve often written, “Every individual is an artist of reality.”

The virologists in their labs are painting their version—collectively. Of course, they would never admit this. They couldn’t, because they’ve bought the perception package.

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