Vaccines Are Sabotaging the Immune System. Shingles May Hold Some Answers. | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Children’s Health Defense

History suggests the condition known as shingles could well represent a detoxification reaction to vaccination.

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Long before the arrival of experimental COVID injections — which, let’s not forget, pharma executives refer to not as “vaccines” but as “cell and gene therapy” — the package inserts of licensed vaccines told the public a disturbing story.

The documentation of 400 different types of adverse reactions affecting virtually all organs and body systems, available to anyone willing to click on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s links, offered “hidden-in-plain-sight” clues of countless ways in which vaccination’s aggressive immune-system intervention can cause fine-tuned immune responses to go awry.

Those package inserts, as damning as they still are, have just been eclipsed by shocking in-house Pfizer data forced into view by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The company’s confidential inventorying of reactions, which was “never supposed to see the light of day,” shows that in the first 90 days of the injection’s emergency use (through Feb. 28, 2021), Pfizer recorded more than 158,000 different adverse events — including 1223 deaths —  distributed across 42,086 case reports.

While blood clots and heart problems following COVID vaccination have probably attracted the most widespread attention, Pfizer’s adverse event chart displaying 27 different “system organ classes” reveals wide-ranging problems — many of which highlight a disturbing “reprogramming” of recipients’ immune responses.

Post-vaccination shingles

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