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Dear friends,

During my “Healthy American Morning Show” this morning, I heard from some of our community that “overwhelm” is on the menu this season!

I can totally relate — can you?

Like so many, I tend to fill my plate to overflowing and then go into overdrive to get everything done.

And during the full swing of the holidays, overwhelm can seem almost normal as we put pressure on ourselves to do more and more, and to do it perfectly.

Friends, you know and I know that can be a recipe for disaster.

That’s why this week I’m talking about “Overcoming Overwhelm” on my daily show, THE HEALTHY AMERICAN MORNING” , which you can tune into live Mon-Thurs at 10:00 am pacific.

I’m sharing my tips, techniques, strategies and solutions for getting things done, without procrastination or pressure.

(I’m in dire need of reviewing and applying these tips myself!)

Be sure to respond to this newsletter and let me know, “What are you procrastinating on today?”

Then, for my afternoon show, “Peggy to the Rescue,” which airs live Mon-Thurs at 3:00 pm pacific, I’ve got this line-up for you:

Mon: 11/29 — Religious Exemption Q&A (I’m answering your questions live!)

Tues: 11/30 — Your Medical Rights (how to get medical care w/out discrimination)

Wed: 12/1 — Jacobson vs. Massachusetts court ruling — what “they” aren’t telling you!

Thur: 12/2 — Special Guest: Reinette Senum on how to Save California!

As always, I love seeing you there, and thank you for sharing the info about the show!

And to my friends who celebrate, Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

~ Peggy


When the world gets too overwhelming, too chaotic, too misleading, and too disappointing, I often retreat to my sanctuary and unplug. I seek refuge and comfort in who and what is familiar and unwavering when my reality begins to shake; I’m quick to hide and slow to surface. Sometimes my sanctuary is my gym or my sofa and a blanket with my dog and cat. At other times, I find peace and understanding within the walls of a private conversation with a trusted friend and, of course, in times of prayer, too. My haven, my sanctuary; my safe place…

Since the beginning of this scamdemic last year I ran so hard and so fast… away from the clutches of deception and straight towards what would soon be revealed to me as my sanctuary – The Healthy American (dot org), Peggy, Pastor David, and this amazing, fantabulous community of healthy Americans. No matter the asinine rules that befell our work place or the unlawful treatment of law abiding citizens exercising our rights, no matter the tyrannical fist pounding us into separation from our families and loved ones or the surprise of a drastically changing world, I sought refuge from the engulfing darkness of the unknown and took shelter at The Healthy American. Here is where I learned the truth about the laws to fight the enemy we call deception. Also here is where I learned what it meant to pour into labor that is truly for the betterment of others. I found peace and joy in knowing my boss and mentor had my back when everyone at my previous job had turned theirs away from me. I found hope during a time I was sure all hope was lost, I witnessed unity when I was sure all were divided. I danced in my fortress with my new healthy American friends and nursed away the ailments of a broken heart, mind, and soul. It’s my haven, my sanctuary; my safe place…

Remember when we turned the tides and got those suffocation device signs off the roadways? Remember when we got together by the thousands in front of the Orange County supervisor’s board meeting and rushed them with our education of the laws? And the time Peggy cried on her livestreams thinking about the children only to have birthed the beginning of Freedom Learning?! What about that time when one of the mothers got arrested for maskless shopping and we raised such heckin heck that the police station shut down their call center line? We ‘ve done some incredible things here and we’re so grateful for you! Time and time again, this community continues to amaze me with the astronomical level of grace, warmth, love and support that radiates outwardly to those who need it most. All weekend I sought peace, thanksgiving, and amnesty after a challenging time and, once again, found it all here waiting for me at the The Healthy American, my haven, my sanctuary, my safe place…

Where do you seek refuge when times get crazy? Let’s meet there for a dance and a toast, shall we?!

xoxo – Nari, editor in chief


Peggy, Pastor David and your entire staff,

Thank you so much for your prayers and the tremendous work you are doing for us and for the Lord!

My husband a I received our accommodation from JPL in Pasadena (We are federal contractors to NASA). We spelled out our beliefs just like you recommended. 

We have been praying for God’s direction. Not in fear (a little bit would creep in and I would watch you again) but in hope for what He would provide.

I signed up for the concierge package for October and I watched all of your videos. I sometimes watched them just for the prayers from Pastor David and the part where Peggy tells me to sit up straight and breath in with confidence knowing God is on my side. 

I don’t have enough words to tell you how much you have saved our lives. You kept reminding me that God and the law are on my side! I needed to hear it over and over.

I am very pleased with how JPL handled the accommodation. The paperwork became available to us on November 1st and was due on November 8th. It was the same for everyone having either a vax card, medical accommodation or religious accommodation. We were told we would hear back by December 8th. HR sent me a meeting invite on November 12th only 5 days after the due date, a 5 minute meeting (I thought this might be a trap). I did not want to meet with them but I decided I would listen and only take notes. The first thing they said was they understood this was a very sensitive topic and that they wanted to let me know as soon as they could that I am approved for my accommodation! Then they said an auto email would come out next week, but they wanted to tell me in person before the email. I thanked them and the meeting ended. I started crying happy tears. 

There is power in the name of Jesus! He has carried me the entire journey through this process. We will keep fighting and we will hold the line.

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Sign up today for instant access to all of December’s upcoming lives calls, all the materials and documents — and you also get the final November live call!

TUES Nov 30, 5:00 – 6:30 pm
”How to Appeal if you are Denied”

FRI Dec 3, 4:00- 5:30 pm Pacific
”Title VII, EEOC and Laws that Protect your Religious Rights”

THU Dec 9 4:00 – 5:30 pm Pacific
”How to fill out your forms and answer the questions”

SUN Dec 12 4:00 – 5:30 pm Pacific (VIP ONLY)
”Q&A for VIP Clients”

WEDS Dec 15, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
”Negotiating your Accommodations”

SUN Dec 19, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
”Objections by your employer: Hardship”

THU Dec 23, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
”Objections by your employer: Direct Threat”

WEDS Dec 29, 4:00 – 5:30 pm
”How to Appeal if you are Denied”


I wanted to let you know about this amazing family-friendly production, “Journey to Christmas” put on by freedom-loving Healthy Americans in Southern California.

Pastor David and I were blessed to be honored guests last year and we are returning this year as well!

Please look below for the link and info to get your tickets before they are sold out.



Have fun in the live chat connecting with others

Monday – Thursday at 10:00 am Pacific

Week of 11/29 – 12/2: Overcoming Overwhelm

Monday – Thursday at 3:00 pm Pacific

Week of 11/29 – 12/2:

Mon: 11/29 – Religious Exemption Q&A (I’m answering your questions live!)

Tues: 11/30 – Your Medical Rights (how to get medical care w/out discrimination)

Wed: 12/1 – Jacobson vs. Massachusetts court ruling — what “they” aren’t telling you!

Thur: 12/2 – Special Guest: Reinette Senum on how to Save California!


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