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Big Pharma REALLY doesn’t want this to get out. They are going to Extreme Measures to keep this cover-up going and continue their life-threatening disinformation campaign.

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From Dr. Christianne Northrup:

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What if you went for a routine flu shot and you were “accidentally” given the wrong vaccine?

That is exactly what happened when a mother took her 4 and 5-year-old children to a local Walgreens for routine flu shots. Soon after the mother was informed both her children received adult versions of the COVID jab!

Sadly within a few days both children had to be seen by a pediatrician for heart complications. And it’s not just children who are being affected. According to a study in JAMA, the incidence of heart issues has nearly doubled since January 2021 for those who have gotten the jab.

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But getting back to those very young children…was this truly an accident?

It seems unfathomable to me because there are rules and checks in place to assure mix-ups like these don’t happen!

And, given everything that has taken place since “15 days to slow the spread”, it’s now evident that our basic human rights are being violated everywhere we turn.

It’s time that everyone on the planet wake up to what is really going on behind the scenes— before it’s too late!

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The world we used to know is gone:

  • Mask mandates are being treated as law. Don’t let it slip off your face during a flight or you will be put on a no-fly list!
  • People are being fired from their jobs for refusing to take the jab, including healthcare workers who worked through the pandemic with no vaccine.
  • Students are being denied an education. Many are being refused admission to schools and denied access to sit for the state Bar exams.
  • And if you think you can get a religious or medical exemption, better think again.

Soon we will be living in a world where you must get the vax and keep up with the never-ending booster shots, or you won’t be permitted to leave your home.

Show your papers, or else! Just like they are doing in Austria—again!

The bottom line is it’s time to act! And the first step is to understand what has really been happening.

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Yours in health and health freedom,
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