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Here are the replay links for our remote speaker presentations:

“Jesus, The Five Precepts and Animals” presented by Keith Akers, Replay Link

“”Veganism, Ahimsa, and the Spiritual Life” by Victoria Moran, keynote speaker, Replay Link

“Faith-Based Vegan Advocacy in Your Community,” presented by Sara Eifler, Program Director of Jewish Veg, Replay Link

“Religions of the World and the Vegan Moral Imperative” by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, keynote speaker, Replay Link

Note: The above replay links will be available to watch and/or download until October 31. Victoria’s presentation is also available on YouTube here. We apologize for any technical difficulties and audio issues during our remote presentations. It is a constant learning process.

Please read and share Judy Carman’s blog about our retreat, “Awakening the Sleeping Giant of Religion: The Awesome Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat at Unity Village, Missouri.” If you signed the sheet on the table outside the Fillmore Chapel, I subscribed you to The Spiritual Forum newsletter. The Spiritual Forum is a podcast ministry and my episodes are organized by topic as a spiritual resource. Feel free to unsubscribe if you wish. Today’s newsletter includes my personal reflections on the retreat (scroll down a bit).

Peace for ALL beings,

Rev. Carol Saunders, Judy Carman & Lisa Levinson

2021 Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat co-organizers

“The master on the spiritual plane is not a slave driver. He does not use force. The only law that he recognizes is love. To this law he must be true in all its ramifications throughout the universe of forms. He must love every creature, every beast in the field, every fowl of the air. His love must flow forth in protecting streams when any creature is in danger of violence or destruction. He must recognize all life as God’s life, destined by a wise arrangement to be in its right place wherever he finds it.” Charles Fillmore









And, from an email from Dr. Will Tuttle 10/18/21:

Dear friends for freedom & truth, Today we now bring our 2021 Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom to a close, and give thanks for all that we have learned and shared, and for the new inspiration and insights we have gained, and the new connections that will enable us to continue to participate in the collective awakening of humanity during these perilous times. The vegan spirit of truth-seeking, of kindness, and of respect for the sovereignty of all living beings is at the core of our mission, and calls us to speak up in the outer world to resist the creeping (and now leaping) authoritarianism in our society, and to cultivate inner peace, harmony, and a connection with our intuitive wisdom in our inner world. If you have the VIP package, please continue to learn from the resources, and also to share them widely with others who may be open to these empowering and liberating ideas. You can always go to Day #3 to view my closing presentation, and also if you would like to purchase the VIP all-access package. This includes 14 bonus gifts plus downloadable audio and video files for all the presentations: This ending is also a beginning. We have a Telegram group that will continue as long as we like to use it. Madeleine and I are always with you in spirit, and you can always feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have to help bring our vegan movement for the liberation of animals (and all of us) into greater empowerment and integrity. There are many projects that can come out of this, both directly and indirectly. Let’s continue to do both the inner work and the outer work that beckons. I will keep you posted on any new developments, and already some of you are working on transcriptions and translations of the presentations to share with people worldwide. The Telegram group is probably the best single resource to keep us connected, but all ideas are welcome. We are looking forward to working together to keep this positive momentum for freedom increasing. It is the only path forward to a positive future for all of us. May the wisdom and compassion shared during this summit help us live more authentically, and question more deeply, and may we bring this new beginning to every human being for the benefit of all! With appreciation, Dr. Will Tuttle The World Peace Diet The World Peace Diet Facilitator Training
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