U.S. Drinking Water: Regulation, Contamination, Human Health Issues And What We Can Do About It! | Dr. Aly Cohen | The Real Truth About Health

U.S. Drinking Water: Regulation, Contamination, Human Health Issues And What We Can Do About It! – Aly Cohen, MD – Interview Aly Cohen, M.D.


• Dr Aly Cohen is the co-author of the new consumer guidebook

• Book – Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World, available NOW! Non-Toxic is published by Oxford University Press, and is part of the Dr. Weil Healthy Living Guides,

About Dr. Aly Cohen

Dr. Aly Cohen is a board-certified rheumatologist and integrative medicine specialist, as well as an environmental health expert in Princeton, New Jersey. She has collaborated with the Environmental Working Group, Cancer Schmancer, and other disease- prevention or­ganizations, and is coeditor of the textbook, Integrative Environmental Medicine, part of the Oxford University Press/Weil Integrative Medicine, Academic Series. In 2015, she created TheSmartHuman.com to share environ­mental health, disease prevention, and wellness information with the public. She lectures nationally on environmental health topics for el­ementary/ high schools, colleges/ universities, medical schools, and physician- training programs, and she is a regular expert guest for tele­vision, print, and podcasts. In 2015 she received the NJ Healthcare Heroes Award in Education for The Smart Human educational platform, and she was awarded the 2016 Burton L. Eichler Award for humanitarianism.

Dr. Cohen is working to educate and empower the next generation to make safer, smarter lifestyle choices through the creation of en­vironmental health and prevention curricula for schools nationally. Her TEDx talk, “How to Protect Your Kids from Toxic Chemicals”, can be found on YouTube, and you can follow her health and wellness tips and recommendations on Facebook at The Smart Human, Twitter, and Instagram: @thesmarthuman. Sign up for The Smart Human newsletter, read her latest posts at TheSmartHuman.com, and listen to her podcast The Smart Human.

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