Dr. Peter Breggin Interviews ER Doctor Mark Trozzi, MD | Sounding the Alarm!

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Canadian emergency room physician, Mark Trozzi, quickly saw that COVID-19 was more hype than genuine pandemic—a disease no more dangerous than the flu that strikes mainly older and physically compromised adults. Then he saw the damage being done when treatments were being withheld, turning this treatable disorder into a tragedy with many unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. He decided to give up his emergency career and instead to confront the COVID-19 onslaught by working with other physicians and groups speaking truth to power in Canada. His quiet passion and breadth of knowledge had me taking notes during the interview. Dr. Trozzi provides an honest view of the pseudo-vaccines and he journeys with me into the politics, sharing information with me and you about what is driving the demand for everyone to be stabbed. You will admire this man and learn from him as well.

Source: Sounding the Alarm–Canadian Mark Trozzi MD

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Read Dr. Trozzi’s website and informative blog here.

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