Vaccine Mandates Will Kill People & It Might Not Be Who You Think |

There’s a war going on and most are oblivious to it…

Last year, healthcare workers were considered heroes by just about everyone in the country.

Today, many are facing extremely difficult decisions as hospital administrators are mandating they get the jab or lose the job.

This is completely unacceptable and We The People need to stand up and fight side by side with these healthcare workers who are now heroes for taking a stand against these medical tyrants.


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“Because I am a health care worker, I’ve been in my profession for almost 20 years. None of you probably know what I do. I run the heart lung bypass machine open heart surgery. There’s two of us in this town, we were both in this room today. When we can’t show up for work, the hospital goes on diversion, which means the ER can’t take critical patients and helicopters fly right over us. Neither one of us are getting this vaccine. Neither one of us are willing to take that because we know what’s at stake for freedoms past that. I’ve alternated between should I just keep providing for my family? Should I take the jab and just keep getting my paycheck? I’ll take it for the team. If I die, at least they’ll get provisioned for as long as it takes until I may or may not have symptoms. But then I’m like, No, that can’t happen because if I fold here, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I’m here because the Board of Supervisors is failing, both of them, Patrick.

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