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I had the joy recently of speaking to several hundred parents who see how unsafe, ineffective, and experimental face masks are and refuse to let their children be masked at school.

A reader in attendance that night writes:

Dear Allan,

I apologize for jumping off topic, but I have a concern about last evening’s rally. The organizers of the rally were asked to take down their sign. 

We, those concerned community members, staff and students, that are asked to stand up against, and educate others, about the issues that concern us, witnessed compliance instead of standing up. 

We can’t do both, we either stand up to all the indoctrination, or we back down and cease to be heard. 

I’m disappointed in myself, for not speaking up at the time. I surely do not know all the ins and outs of purposeful protest, but I want to do more, and be more effective. 

Any words of wisdom from you will be very appreciated, and thank you for your knowledge and passion for this so worthy cause. 


An Onlooker Who Wants To Be All In 


Dear Onlooker,

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