The Vacca-Cination of Humanity Published August 22, 2021 | By Dr. Will Tuttle

We owe the animals our profoundest apologies
                                     We have all been born into a herding culture

Our word vaccination comes from the Latin root vacca meaning cow and the derivative word vaccinia, which refers to cowpox disease. Edward Jenner of England coined the word vaccination in 1798 to describe his procedure of taking pus from the lesions of people sick with cowpox, and injecting it into healthy people. His theory was that this would help protect them from smallpox, and this practice of vaccination has grown and spread since then, to the point that it is considered the primary weapon in mainstream medicine’s ongoing and lucrative battle against the decillions of “germs” that live in us and around us all the time.

Whether there is any truth to the efficacy of vaccination is still a hotly-debated topic, though in the current fevered and polarized climate, few dare to question vaccine theory publicly, or the more comprehensive germ theory in which it is embedded. And yet now more than ever it is critical that we understand the source and significance of the prevailing medical narrative. Otherwise, we will find ourselves continuing to be reduced to the status of exploited, medicated livestock.

As I have extensively discussed in my books and essays, the living and virtually invisible core of our culture is animal agriculture, and we are all living in what is essentially a herding society in which the ongoing herding of billions of livestock animals is industrialized, computerized, and for the most part deliberately hidden from our view. Through the well-established and brazenly bigoted narrative of absolute human superiority, we now have massive industries profiting from an unbridled and relentless flood of unconscionable and unnecessary animal abuse. This has virtually completely disconnected us from animals and from the natural world. This alienation from the animals and nature has devastating consequences not just for our physical health, but also for our environment, and for our social, psychological, and spiritual health as well.

In fact, while our routine abuse and consumption of millions of animals daily brings wealth to the large animal food-based corporations like Smithfield, Cargill, and McDonald’s, it brings even more wealth to the chemical-pharmaceutical-medical complex which is also more desperately dependent on animal agriculture for its massive profits. Profit margins in the food industry are much tighter, and because people have to eat, these corporations are increasingly diversifying and profiting from plant-based foods as well as animal-based ones. Continued on source…


The Vacca-Cination of Humanity