Chattanooga Gave One of its Most Popular Gathering Spots a Stunning Makeover | By Aislinn Kotifani |

Chattanooga wanted to improve access to high-quality outdoor spaces that made residents of all ages feel safe, secure, welcome, and connected. In 2019, Chattanooga was named one of the winning cities of the Made to Move grant by Degree and Blue Zones, giving an additional boost to their foundational work.

The area surrounding Patten Towers, at Georgia Avenue and Market Street, was designated as a social hub, even with its modest benches and a few trees.

Using a community-driven design process, Chattanooga Design Studio and Enterprise Center in collaboration with Gehl Studio and local stakeholders gathered feedback to incorporate into a design that would encourage residents to rest, relax, move, and meet, positively impacting overall well-being for all.

“As COVID has shifted our perspective on engaging and coming together with other people, we see even more value in providing the community with a safe and adaptable outdoor space to get outside in a socially responsible way and enjoy our beautiful city,” said Beverly Bell from Chattanooga Design Studio.

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Source: This City Gave a Popular Gathering Space a Stunning Transformation