Seven Reasons to Oppose Back Yard Chicken Farming |

PictureWhen I worked as a microbiologist for Merck and Co. Inc, I spent time in commercial hatcheries.  Although I could easily spot the cruelty in those places, for a long time after that I was still unable to spot the cruelty when I visited friends who were raising chicks in incubators to have backyard eggs.  I think it was because of my  education — beginning with classroom chicken hatching projects — that had taught me to NOT see the injustice we forced upon chickens, I literally, “Did not see,” the injustice of depriving baby chicks of the experience of being raised by their own mother, just so humans could eat their eggs — something we do not need to do, and which the science now clearly shows is actually causing harm to the humans who do this!  Below is my compilation of reasons why I now oppose backyard chicken farming.

1) It supports industrial animal agricultural operations. Most backyard chicken  farmers purchase baby chicks from commercial hatcheries.   There is much cruelty in commercial hatcheries.  For example chicks who get under the wheels of carts are left half-smashed and still alive for hours on the floor.  Others get their tender innervated beaks singed off with a hot iron.  They are slammed into stationary vaccination needles so rapidly that some get the shots in the eye or die from the roughness.

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