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Some of the products in your home right now could be a source of toxins that contribute to premature aging and chronic disease. And when you know what they are, you can reduce your exposure!

That’s why my friend, Brian Vaszily, created the so-very-practical report: 23 Surprising Household Items That Cause Chronic Inflammation, Cancer, and Other Disease.

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In this research-based report, you’ll find out…

* Why most people today are routinely breathing in “PBDEs” at night that may cause cancer and thyroid, liver, and brain issues, and exactly what to do about it.  

* 3 very popular approaches to cleaning your clothes that you want to avoid at all costs (linked to cancer, respiratory issues, headaches, and more)  

* Why wanting to smell good can pose surprising and serious risks very few are aware of — and the simple and safe alternatives.  

* If you have a printer in your home, what you must know and do to stay safe.  

* 3 very common kitchen items that are strongly linked to cancer, hormonal issues, metabolic disorders and more, and the safe alternatives.  

* And much more.

With your report, you’ll also get complimentary registration for Younger, Longer: The Insider’s Health Summit. For this Summit, Brian is interviewing 22 anti-aging and longevity doctors and health researchers (from a range of backgrounds), asking each to share three of the most effective, scientifically-proven steps you can take to truly help you live long and well.

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Yours for a same and nontoxic home,

Ocean Robbins

P.S. On the page right after your free sign-up, don’t miss the video in which Brian shares the brief story of how a cruel joke years ago actually inspired this unique event, and today could have great significance for your health.

P.P.S. Brian released an earlier version of The Insiders Health Summit in January, and the response was terrific. Now he’s offering an updated version, plus this free report. If you want to thrive at every age and stage of life, then this is not to be missed. Join in, and claim your spot here, now.

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