Does the ‘JAB’ Cause Myocarditis in Children and Adults? | ROBERT O. YOUNG CPT, MSc, DSc, PhD

What is Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is an acidic dis-ease condition or symptom marked by inflammation of the interstitial fluids of the heart muscle known as the myocardium — the muscular layer of the heart wall. This muscle is responsible for contracting and relaxing to pump blood in and out of the heart and to the rest of the body.

When this muscle becomes inflamed from interstitial fluids of the heart, its ability to pump blood becomes less effective. This causes problems like an abnormal heartbeat, chest pain, or trouble breathing. In extreme cases, increased acids, like lactic acid can cause blood clots leading to a heart attack or stroke, damage to the heart with heart failure and even death.

Normally, inflammation is a bodily response to any sort of increased acidosis of the interstitial fluids of the heart. Imagine when you cut your finger: within a short time, the tissue around the cut swells up and turns red, which are classic signs of a physical disturbance causing inflammation. The stomach begins producing sodium and potassium bicarbonate to rush to the site of the wound to implement health regeneration that can only take place at a pH of 8.4.

Increased acidity from toxic food, water, air, vaccines , EMF causes decompensated acidosis of the interstitial fluids causing organ, gland and tissue inflammation, including myocarditis. A Major Contributing Factor in the Cause of Myocarditis It is important for parents to know that vaccinating adolescents (Ages 12 to 17) with the CoV – 19 experimental mRNA vaccine will cause myocarditis (heart inflammation) in 1 out of 3 children. The CDC and WHO have known the risk for myocarditis since December 21, 2020. Here is the research study:

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