How to Heal From Anything | Part 1 | Dr. Christiane Northrup |

Many people believe that health is an absence of symptoms. And, the Western medical system supports this. Yet today, more people than ever are dealing with chronic diseases, mystery illnesses, and other symptoms that cannot easily be cured with Western medicine. While not all diseases can be cured, every disease can be healed. In this video, Dr. Northrup tells you how you can heal from just about anything.
If you are under the age of 50 (give or take 5-10 years), you have probably been raised believe the only “true” approach to health is through modern medicine. In fact, most doctors today were taught that this approach—prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, giving vaccines, and performing surgery—is the only valid way to treat patients and keep them healthy. And health insurance companies reinforce this by refusing to cover anything but these same drugs and surgeries.

Yet, if you watch the commercials or read the package inserts, you know that the medicines being pushed on us all come with a long list of potentially harmful, even fatal, “side effects.” And we are to simply accept this because the assumption is these are proven by science…and everything else is not.

The truth is, there is just as much science to support natural and alternative approaches to healing disease.
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How to Beat Fatigue

Far more treatments and therapies exist in this world than you are being told about – and their power has been proven, scientifically.

In fact, thousands of studies show that many “alternative” medicines and therapies—ones your doctor doesn’t know about or isn’t allowed to recommend—are FAR superior for treating a majority of chronic health conditions today.

If you want to expand your horizons and discover fact-based solutions for what is ailing you (or a family member), I highly recommend that you watch this documentary series, Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science.

Each episode will provide you with highly effective and safe approaches to wellness that will change your life.

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There are so many complementary, alternative, and natural ways to protect and reclaim strong, optimal health. Most of these healing resources are amazingly simple, and you can take advantage of them all by yourself!

Whether you are struggling with a chronic health condition, want more vital energy, or you simply want to defy the effects of aging in the years to come, I cannot recommend this documentary series highly enough.

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