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“…we are not helpless victims of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases as we age.”
-Beverly Bow

When we read that on the Amazon page for The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution recently, we were floored. You may recall us saying this before the book came out, but this science, this information, this movement, is our life’s work. Our mutual interest in helping to prevent this disease (for which there is no cure!) brought us together as young researchers and is the mission we devote our lives to today.

Releasing The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution was a step towards realizing this mission, and another step was the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution Program Course we led with nearly 10,000 of you over the past 5 weeks. In fact, the program was only going to be 4 weeks, but we extended it because of how much success we were seeing! That’s 35 days of cooking videos, live QAs, expert talks and so much more! It has been our honor to work with you all, and your families, to help you build brain health to last a lifetime.

But if you missed out on the program, fear not. Thousands of people outside this group have taken to the lessons inside our new book, pushing the book not only onto bestseller lists (like Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Washington Post), but onto bookshelves, and into kitchens, across the country. This is proof that with the right information in your hands, you are capable of anything! Thank you to all those who’ve taken the time to not just read but also share your experiences putting information into action (and if you haven’t yet, consider doing so here). This has really touched our hearts in ways we couldn’t even imagine. Here is just some of what you all had to say:

It leaves us floored. Knowing that what we set out to do, to build a movement focused on helping communities and people live a brain-healthy lifestyle, to take the science and make it into actionable steps, is working for tens of thousands of you is more than we ever could have dreamed.

But we hope to keep the momentum going. There are thousands and millions more who need this guidance.

So, if you’ve got a family member, friend, loved one, neighbor…anyone who you think needs this, please consider passing our message along. Forward them this email, show them this video breaking down the book, have them tune in to the Dr. Oz Show this Friday, when we’ll be cooking a recipe from the book!

Our whole point is this: healthy living doesn’t have to be hard. There is a painless way to get yourself/ your family introduced to this new vibrant way of living and that starts with The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution. Order your copy from any of the retailers below:

Let’s make brain-healthy living mainstream!

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Dean & Ayesha Sherzai

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Source: Join 10,000+ Others in Our Brain Health Movement!