Forks Over Knives Documentary – Buy or Stream it Free Now


The Forks Over Knives’ plant-based documentary tells you how common chronic diseases can be prevented, halted, or even reversed by one simple change. Watch now!

With its premiere on May 6, 2011, the Forks Over Knives documentary introduced vast new audiences to the power of plant-based nutrition. In the years since, interest in plant-based diets has grown exponentially, and Forks Over Knives has grown, too, into a multiplatform brand equipping people with tools, knowledge, and support they need to lead healthier lifestyles.

In the spirit of sharing our message with as many people as possible, we’re now streaming Forks Over Knives for free! Whether you’re watching for the first time—or the fifth—we hope you enjoy the film that started it all.

P.S. The party is just getting started! As we continue to celebrate, keep an eye out for more special content and offers, including favorite recipes, inspiring success stories, and conversations with leaders in the plant-based movement.

Source: Forks Over Knives Documentary – Buy or Stream it Now