The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles | Why Many People Are Not Getting a COVID Vaccine: Part I Pamela A. Popper, President Wellness Forum Health

The fake news features stories designed to convince people that everyone is enthusiastic about the COVID vaccines, and that people who are able to get the shots now are lucky because demand far exceeds the available supply. These false stories are designed to persuade people who are not yet vaccinated that they should get the shots right away. Stories of injuries and deaths are minimized. Anyone who points out that the vaccine makers are criminal enterprises (see previous referenced newsletters which document this in detail) and that the government’s own data base shows that these vaccines are the most dangerous consumer products ever marketed in the U.S. is labeled as a conspiracy theorist or lunatic.

But the real story is that tens of millions of people in the U.S., and hundreds of millions of people throughout the world have decided to refuse these experimental products, and many “pro-vaccine” doctors who are administering the vaccines are reporting alarming side effects.

For example, Dr. Charles B. Hoffe in British Columbia, wrote to this to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Minister on April 5, 2021:

The first dose of the Moderna vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Lytton, BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January, 2021. 900 doses have now been administered.

I have been quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side-effects from this novel treatment.

From this relatively small number of people vaccinated so far, we have had:

Numerous allergic reactions, with two cases of anaphylaxis.
One (presumed) vaccine induced sudden death, (in a 72 year old patient with COPD. This patient complained of being more short of breath continually after receiving the vaccine, and died very suddenly and unexpectedly on day 24, after the vaccine. He had no history of cardiovascular disease).

Three people with ongoing and disabling neurological deficits, with associated chronic pain, persisting for more than 10 weeks after their first vaccine. These neurological deficits include: continual and disabling dizziness, generalized or localized neuromuscular weakness, with or without sensory loss. The chronic pain in these patients is either generalized or regional, with or without headaches.

So in short, in our small community of Lytton, BC, we have one person dead, and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled, following their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The age of those affected ranges from 38 to 82 years of age.

So I have a couple of questions and comments:

Are these considered normal and acceptable long term side-effects for gene modification therapy? Judging by medical reports from around the world, our Lytton experience is not unusual.

Do you have any idea what disease processes may have been initiated, to be producing these ongoing neurological symptoms?
Do you have any suggestions as to how I should treat the vaccine induced neurological weakness, the dizziness, the sensory loss, and the chronic pain syndromes in these people, or should they be all simply referred to a neurologist? I anticipate that many more will follow, as the vaccine is rolled out. This was only phase one, and the first dose.

In stark contrast to the deleterious effects of this vaccine in our community, we have not had to give any medical care what-so-ever, to anyone with Covid-19. So in our limited experience, this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than Covid-19.

I realize that every medical therapy has a risk-benefit ratio, and that serious disease calls for serious medicine. But we now know that the recovery rate of Covid-19, is similar to the seasonal flu, in every age category. Furthermore, it is well known that the side effects following a second shot, are significantly worse than the first. So the worst is still to come.

It must be emphasised, that these people were not sick people, being treated for some devastating disease. These were previously healthy people, who were offered an experimental therapy, with unknown long-term side-effects, to protect them against an illness that has the same mortality rate as the flu. Sadly, their lives have now been ruined.

It is normally considered a fundamental principal of medical ethics, to discontinue a clinical trial if significant harm is demonstrated from the treatment under investigation.

So my last question is this: Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot? In Lytton, BC, we have an incidence of 1 in 225 of severe life altering side-effects, from this experimental gene modification therapy.

I have also noticed that these vaccine induced side effects are going almost entirely unreported, by those responsible for the vaccine rollout. I am aware that this is often a problem, with vaccines in general, and that delayed side-effects after vaccines, are sometimes labelled as being “coincidences”, as causality is often hard to prove. However, in view of the fact that this is an experimental treatment, with no long-term safety data, I think that perhaps this issue should be addressed too.

Furthermore I have noticed that the provincial vaccine injury reporting form, which was clearly designed for conventional vaccines, does not even have any place to report vaccine injuries of the nature and severity that we are seeing from this new mRNA therapy.

It is now clearly apparent with medical evidence from around the world, that the side-effect profiles of the various gene modification therapies against Covid-19, have been vastly understated by their manufacturers, who were eager to prove their safety.

Thank you for attention to this critically urgent public health matter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Please note: Dr. Hoffe is a doctor who obviously has confidence in vaccines – he was administering them to his local population.
Here is a link to an interview with this doctor during which he describes his experience (begins about 11 minutes into the show):

In this video, Dr. Hoffe reports that he sent an email expressing his concerns to the health professionals involved in the vaccine roll-out in his area. He subsequently received a “stern rebuke” from his superiors at the Interior Health Authority telling him that he was guilty of causing “vaccine hesitancy,” that they would be reporting him to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., and that he was forbidden from saying anything negative about the vaccines in the future. In other words, in response to his reports of injuries and deaths from the vaccines, the response from health authorities is a gag order and threats of licensure revocation.
Exactly who do these health officials work for? They seem to have no concern for the health and welfare of Canadian citizens.

Dr. Hoffe’s reports concern the Moderna vaccine. But problems are not limited to this vaccine alone. Several European countries temporarily suspended use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and on April 14, Denmark became the first country to stop administering it. According to Doren Brostrom, Denmark’s health agency director:

“Overall, we must say that the results show that there is a real and serious side effect signal in the vaccine from AstraZeneca. Based on an overall consideration, we have therefore chosen to continue the vaccination programme for all target groups without this vaccine.”

Brostrom went on to say that the “…target groups for vaccination are less likely to become severely ill from COVID-19, and that officials “must weigh this against the fact that we now have a known risk of severe adverse effects from vaccination…”[1]

Ironically during the press conference announcing the decision, the Danish Medicines Agency’s acting director of pharmacovigilance, Tanja Erichsen, fainted and was rushed to the hospital.[2] As yet, no explanation has been given, but this is not an isolated event; I’ve watched numerous videos in which happy healthcare workers have gotten the jab while their colleagues applauded, after which they collapsed and the celebration ended quickly.

As of this writing, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been suspended in the U.S. due to reports of serious and fatal blood clots. It’s difficult to fathom the level of ignorance (or in the case of health officials, criminal intent) required in order to remain enthusiastic about these vaccines.

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[1] Jack Phillips. Denmark Drops AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Amid Reports of Blood Clots. Epoch Times April 14 2021

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