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Take Action!

Nothing will change until Americans are willing to come together and stand against the growing government. With our abilities, dedication, and focus, we can protect ourselves and our family from the elites who want to decide our futures.

If you learn of a group or public figure who you think aligns with our campaign, reach out to them directly and ask them to join. The central office does not have the bandwidth to follow up on all potential connections. Once you secure a commitment you can share with us at info@makeamericansfreeagain.com.

Thank you for volunteering your time for this important initiative! The most important actions you can take are to get others to join the campaign.

The materials on this page are intended to provide guidance and resources to facilitate your efforts. If you have ideas for additional volunteer actions, please contact us at info@makeamericansfreeagain.com

Join Our Conference Call

Contact the office or email info@makeamericansfreeagain.com to register for an upcoming conference call to learn how you can get involved.

Stand Up Against Unconstitutional COVID Responses

As the state of Ohio continues to discriminate against the elderly and promote fear amongst the population, Ohio Stands Up! is making progress in shining the light of justice on the issue.

Ohio Stand Up! lead attorney Thomas Renz gave a lecture on October 3rd, discussing the lawsuit and what we can all do to fight back against the growing tyranny.

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