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Steve Blake, ScD is a doctor of science specializing in nutritional biochemistry. He is Director of Nutritional Neuroscience at the Maui Memory Clinic. He is lead advisor and author for the Macmillan Reference, Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine. He has worked as Faculty Nutritional Biochemist at Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience for years. He is a research scientist who just finished a clinical study at the Hawaii Alzheimer’s Disease Center that he designed and ran with a large team. He is research director at the Neuroscience Nutrition Foundation. He has presented grand rounds at John A. Burns School of Medicine at U.H., Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience, St. Francis Liliha, Honolulu, and at Boston University Medical Center.

How to Survive COVID-19

Strengthen Your Immune System

4th Edition

Steve Blake, ScD

March, 2021

I have searched the scientific medical journals so that I can explain

why so many people get no symptoms when exposed to COVID-19.

The human immune system can kill off invading viruses

effectively if it has the necessary nutrients.

Many of these nutrients needed by the immune system are

essential vitamins and minerals.

These nutrients are also needed for a good response to vaccination.

The science is clear that two of these nutrients stand out as being

crucial in correcting the decline of the immune system in old age.

I can show you which compounds in safe foods fight the virus inside our bodies.
We can stop attachment of COVID-19 to our cells and reduce its replication.

We can reduce the excess inflammation that can lead to a cytokine storm.

I will also outline the most effective medical plants for resisting viruses

based upon peer-reviewed science. We need to do more than wear masks.

Now is the time to boost our immune systems and boost our health!

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