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Late this past summer, I believe I got the definitive answer as to what the natural human diet really is.

The debate rages over what is a natural diet for humans. With hundreds of different diet or nutrition books out there. From low fat to high fat and high protein. From cooked vegetarian to a ketogenic diet like the Atkin’s Diet.

And yet most people seem to believe that you have to cook your food and of course if you eat meat most people agree that you have to cook it to kill the germs.

So how can any diet requiring cooking be natural? It makes no sense since not a single wild animal will cook their food.

Did you ever see a group of lions barbecuing gazelle over a campfire and making a shish kebab?

I don’t see any reason why humans should be the only animals that were designed to eat cooked food. If so, our bodies should have had a built in oven or stove.

And not a single truly wild animal ever looks old or ever gets overweight. By wild, I mean they never eat food given to them by humans. We humans have no clue how to eat healthily. And in our attempts to be nice to the animals many of us actually poison them with our cooked foods.

So for me then, the first test if a diet is natural is if it consists of raw or live foods.

Now there are some people who don’t cook their foods but will also eat raw meat. That is another potential option.

So the question becomes is a raw vegetarian or vegan diet natural or is it a diet that includes some animal as foods as well?

The big problem it appeared for a raw vegan diet to be truly natural is “how do you get your vitamin B12?” For there are many raw foodists who become B12 deficient if they don’t supplement. I was one of those raw foodists.

In fact, in recent years even the normal B12 supplements (methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin) I was not absorbing at all. I had no idea I was not absorbing them and I ended up becoming B12 deficient as a result. I had to take a different kind altogether (hydroxycobalamin and adenosylcobalamin) in order to get my B12 levels back up. So glad I already knew about them.

Well earlier this summer I was again conversing with DS (Divine Source) about dietary issues.

And he told me something very interesting.

He said that humans produce plenty of B12 via bacteria and fermentation in their lower intestines (this is a known fact) but the problem was that most people don’t absorb that B12 that is in their gut. The problem he said is a simple one. Most people have done so much damage to their digestive tract from a lifetime of eating cooked food, that they can no longer absorb the B12 that they should naturally be absorbing in their colon.

DS said that the worst foods in terms of damaging the digestive tract are actually meat and dairy.

He also said something very interesting. He said that the B12 in animal meat was like buying your B12 supplement at a dollar store. In other words, the B12 found in meat is of the lowest quality for humans to consume.

So basically, if you’re digestive tract is working at high capacity and really absorbing nutrients well, you will have no need to take a B12 supplement.

But on top of that he said that high quality organic “soil” is loaded with B12. And if you’re out in the wild you’re going to naturally eat some dirt with your foods. All this cleaning off of everything and being so antiseptic isn’t natural or even helpful for humans.

So if you need B12 just find yourself some good organic soil and you can eat just a little bit of that daily and that should help too.

But the ideal is to fully heal and restore your digestive tract so that it can absorb all of the nutrients you are eating as well as all of the nutrients the bacteria in your body is producing via fermentation.

Now if what DS said is true, this means that humans with a healthy digestive tract and healthy body in general can thrive on a Vegetarian or Vegan Live Food Diet because it is the actual diet we were DESIGNED to eat.

The only reason people struggle is because they’ve done so much damage to their body from eating unnatural diets. Including the damage the already inherited from the poor diets of their parents and grand parents


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This is the no deprivation way to heal your digestive system. I suspect it will greatly help people with IBS, Crohn’s disease and colitis as well. Just like it helped me stop getting these recurring stomach aches and ulcers.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
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