Vito & Vera – Plant-Based Culinary Wellness | Your weekly dose of Plant-Based Goodness! from Chef Alicia

We believe feel good & taste good go hand in hand.
Our innovative plant-based menu is strongly locally sourced, organic & seasonal.

Each dish is crafted with your wellness in mind.
We are devoted to the idea that healthy eating leads to health living.

First round of NEW menu meals are HOT & READY!

I am blown away by the support and excitement for our new menu! I have spent all weekend gathering the freshest ingredients and preparing your meals with love. Each dish on this menu was developed with special attention to delivering not only amazing flavor, but also a memorable culinary experience. I cannot wait to hear how you enjoy your meals this week! Look for your Vito & Vera delivery on your doorsteps tomorrow!

One of the ways we are unique here at Vito and Vera is our commitment to sourcing locally grown food whenever possible. I love to bite into a dish and be able to know exactly where each vegetable was grown, whose hands safely harvested the grains, and the journey each ingredient took to get to my plate. It’s a joy to support local farms and businesses, but it is also peace of mind knowing that I’m helping to deliver the health benefits of organic local food to YOU. Did you know that vegetables grown locally are fresher, more nutritious, and often taste better? Discover the difference of really eating local with us!

Each week I’ll be featuring a surprise dish that begins with inspiration from local farmers. I love this aspect of the Vito and Vera program and the opportunity to be innovative with a strongly seasonal and ever-changing menu. When you order the “Planters’ Pot Luck” you have an opportunity to order yourself and your family a plant-based local culinary adventure! Be sure to check it out every week in our featured specials section.

XOXO, Chef Alicia

Weekly Specials

2/15 Delivery [To Little Rock and Central Arkansas residents: sorry I didn’t get this posted in time to order for next week. Everything I ordered for this week was excellent! Please go to Alicia’s website and get on her email list:  Cathy ]

The Planters’ Potluck Inspired by the beautiful baby cauliflower I’m growing in my own backyard! This curry cauliflower dish is a warm bowl of comfort with couscous, chickpeas, and red lentils. Topped with a cool dollop of Kite Hill Plant-based yogurt and slivered almonds.


  • Orders must be placed on our website by Fridays at 12pm. 
  • Meals will be delivered the following Monday. Remember to leave a cooler outside your house.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions about delivery or need special arrangements.

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