Vito & Vera – Plant-Based Culinary Wellness | Chef Alicia announces she’s back! 

Welcome to Vito and Vera, Little Rock’s first plant-based culinary experiences! Chef Alicia Watson creates strongly local, seasonal, organic, vegan, and gluten-free adventures. We make Esselstyn Diet and plant strong meals to go.

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New Vito and Vera Menu LIVE

I’m back!

I can’t wait to start serving you culinary wellness fresh to your doorstep once again. I am incredibly proud of this new menu! I hope you’ll love it. Thank you for your continued patience and support as I had to put my business aside to work on the front lines of health care.

This menu is inspired by my journey navigating the last several months of the pandemic. It came from a hard look at the ways I needed to fuel my body and mind. I became obsessed with the science behind greens and the important role they play for optimal gut health and combating depression. As I adjusted to my new socially distant normal, I realized the value in a healthy dish that also provided a warm hug. I took inspiration from family recipes, like my grandmother Vera’s lasagna. Lastly, I was struck with the inability to buy quality food to-go at the onset of the pandemic and as a frontline worker. I know now that my mission to make fresh, plant-powered meals accessible to all (and support local farms) is more important than ever before. I am honored to be your Chef and take my role seriously as part of your personal wellness team!

I am refreshed with a renewed passion and a reimagined fully plant-based menu to help you live healthier. Enjoy!
XOXO, Chef Alicia


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