Bacteria in your GUT affects your immune response to Covid-19 and could influence how severely you suffer symptoms, study finds

  • South Korean study reviewed pre-existing research on role of gut microbiome  
  • Hong Kong-based scientists examined blood and stool samples from patients 
  • Both studies indicate a gut microbe imbalance is key in severe Covid-19 

A person’s gut microbiome may play a role in fighting off coronavirus infection and preventing severe Covid-19 symptoms, according to new studies.

Each person has a unique assortment of bacteria in their gut which play a variety of roles, including in modulating the immune response.

Research from the Chinese University of Hong Kong found people suffering with Covid-19 had a ‘significantly altered’ microbiome composition.

Separate research from South Korea found people with a poorly functioning gut are more likely to develop severe Covid-19 because the lack of healthy microbes makes it easier for the virus to infect cells in the digestive tract.

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