Dr. Fuhrmans Super Immunity Boot Camp


The death rate from COVID has not abated and thousands of people are dying daily.  This is demonstrative of the incredible poor health and impaired immune system of our population. Those whose diet places them at high risk of developing cancer—can be hurt, even killed by COVID. The only people who can be truly protected against these novel viruses are those with superior immune function, excellent nutrition and a favorable body weight.

Now is the time to take action and earn protection against novel infections. The onset of vaccine availability for COVID may help temporarily for those at high risk, but you can be certain other serious infections will follow in the near future and this virus is already showing genetic variation as most viruses eventually do.

Compassion and intelligence dictate how essential it is for everyone to focus on achieving our best possible health and immunity. Going into 2021, start it off right with a gift to yourself, a gift that can save your life. (It also makes a terrific and thoughtful gift for a loved one!)


Super Immunity Boot Camp

One-Week Virtual Event • January 18-22, 2021

Includes zoom webinars including lectures, Q&A, exercise session, food addiction seminar, cooking demo and more. You’ll get a 20-Day digital meal plan with recipes, Platinum membership to my website, online classroom, and more. And our special BEAT COVID price lets you save $64 off the regular boot camp price!

Source: Dr. Fuhrmans Super Immunity Boot Camp