Are Masks & Social Distancing Creating Permanent Psychological Damage? |

Posted Dec 27, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

I have received a number of emails pro and con masks. Plain and simple, masks will not prevent you from getting COVID-19. Even Saint Fauci, who the world seems to trust beyond Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad, has admitted that he has even lied about herd immunity to try to manipulate society to get the vaccine, stated at the start of this masks do not work. He changes his opinions to match the desired political agenda. Anyone who listens to this guy probably still believes in Santa Claus and politicians really care.

There is a much more sinister objective behind the masks and social distancing. They will keep this going well into 2021 and the real objective is to prevent civil unrest. Schwab is already telling people if they do not accept his Agenda 2030, there will be revolutions. The restrictions with lockdowns are driving the poor into absolute poverty. Black unemployment was at a historic low in the United States under Trump. Lowering taxes creates more jobs. They are deliberately doing this to create civil unrest to justify Agenda 2030.

Meanwhile, the masks and social distancing are creating a permanent impact psychologically whereby some people from here on out, will look at others as being a threat to their health be it the flu or anything.

As one reader Paul writes, “If I were to write a book about the times we live in ‘scared stupid’ would be the title. Apparently, they think social distancing while skiing is also necessary. I can’t stop laughing. Not to mention, you normally ski 6 feet from someone as a courtesy anyway. ”