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The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles
Ending 2020 on a Positive Note
Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

This is the last newsletter of the year, and frankly, I’m anxiously awaiting the last day of this year. I cannot remember a year I was ready to finish and be done with as much as 2020, and this is really saying something since I’ve had a few really stressful years during my lifetime. But nothing like this. So, how can we end a year that has been mostly taken up with the awfulness of COVID on a positive note?

As my good friend Dr. Peter Breggin would advise, by starting with gratitude. If you have a computer or a device on which you are reading this newsletter, you have more equipment than many people will have in their lifetimes. If you have enough food to eat, enough money to pay your rent and utilities just this month – you have more money than many people around the world made during this entire year. If you have just one friend that you can talk to about COVID-19 this is more than some people have, and if you have just one person to hug and spend time with you are better off than most nursing home patients who have not had any physical contact with a family member or friend for almost 10 months now. I know that many of you are hurting but sometimes the way to stay sane is to recognize that it could always be worse and for some people it always is worse.

But here’s another reason to be positive – we are on our way out of this mess. Things are starting to change. Our August 31 landmark lawsuit has reigned in the emperor of Ohio for the last several weeks. Life in Ohio is not what it used to be, but his latest rules have been limited to a curfew with almost unlimited exemptions and a stronger mask mandate, neither of which are being enforced. We’re not locked down and he is not closing gyms and restaurants. As we file more lawsuits in more states (the second one will be filed perhaps by the time you read this newsletter) life will get better in those states too. We plan to file some federal lawsuits that will make our federal rulers a little nervous as well.

Another positive development is that people around the U.S. are starting to stand up to the nonsensical rules. Riverside County California Sheriff Chad Blanco has stated publicly that his department will not be involved in enforcing Emperor Newsome’s latest orders.[i][1] Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes announced that his deputies also would not be enforcing the latest stay-at-home orders issued by the emperor, stating that health is a matter of personal responsibility and not something to be handled by law enforcement.[ii][2] The Sacramento and El Dorado County Sheriffs took the same stance.[iii][3] The Beverly Hills City Council voted unanimously to oppose the Los Angeles County order to restrict outdoor dining on December 2.[iv][4]

The resistance is not limited to California. Weld County Colorado, home to 250,000 people, refused to comply with the Colorado Emperor’s rules which included confinement at home, limitations on personal gatherings, restrictions on attendance at religious services, restrictions on indoor dining, and business closures.[v][5]

In Buffalo, New York, a gathering of 50 business owners concerning the closure of New York businesses deemed “non-essential” turned into a confrontation when an Erie County Health Inspector showed up with three sheriff’s deputies. The group chanted “get out” and chased the authorities out of the building.

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard and Niagara County Sheriff Michael J. Filicetti both announced that they would not take action against anyone who had a Thanksgiving gathering that was larger than that permitted by Emperor Cuomo.[vi][6]

And the Campbell County Board of Supervisors in Virginia unanimously approved a resolution that “the sheriff’s department refuse to assist any official – state or federal – who attempts to enforce the unconstitutional orders of the Governor.”[vii][7]

The rest of the world is pushing back as well. Police in Valencia, Spain protested with citizens in the streets against masks and COVID restrictions. Police also refused to enforce the mask mandate for citizens who were engaged in the protests.[viii][8] And the Supreme Court of Austria ruled that COVID restrictions on businesses and stay-at-home orders and curfews for citizens were unconstitutional.[ix][9]

While it’s not time to uncork expensive champagne and breathe a sigh of relief yet, it is clear that a combination of the right lawsuits and increasing refusal to comply are the keys to regaining our freedom. The more people who engage in the resistance, the harder it will be for our rulers to retain their control. There is no law enforcement remedy for a few hundred thousand people who declare that they will not wear a mask anymore in a state like Ohio, or a few hundred restaurant owners clustered together geographically who refuse to close in a state like New York. I can feel the momentum growing, and respect for the rule of law is being replaced by total disrespect for the despots and criminals who have tried to destroy us. They underestimated us and our determination to remain free from government overreach. WE. WILL. WIN. THIS!

Thus we can end 2020 on a positive note. We can all think of something for which to be grateful, and we can all look forward to the end of tyranny in 2021. We ARE in this together – together against them!

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