Carol Is Saying Goodbye Multiple Sclerosis! Dr. Brooke Goldner

Carol aka @whofooadventures was living with Multiple Sclerosis, tired, weak and struggling in spite of already being plant-based and even coaching people to be plant-based. Then she got my Goodbye Autoimmune Disease on and decided to try it out.

She did vlogs video journals of herself following along with the book on her own for 28 days. She ate hyper-nourishing foods and did the mental health / self care exercises I taught in the book.

Watching what she did, she didn’t quite get to the nutrition levels of the full rapid recovery protocol and yet, working the plan on her own FOR ONLY 1 MONTH, she has gotten rid of most of her symptoms, she is exercising and energetic, and her bad days, which used to have her laid out on her back for weeks last only a few days.

I am so proud and excited for you Carol, for doing the work, for sharing your journey to inspire others. I am also thrilled to see that my book is so effective for people, literally turning their health around in a matter of days. Plant-based isn’t enough to reverse autoimmune disease for most people, you need to hyper-nourish!

I adore getting tagged on instagram or facebook with success stories from people I have never met, who have read my books, watched my online classes, and reversed their autoimmune disease. My dream is to make this information so widespread that these diseases dissappear. Definitely tag me so I can follow you if you are doing the #GoodbyeLupusProtocol to take back your health!

Carol, keep going and cross that finish line so there are no more bad days, just great energy and health from now on! I bet you are only days away from full disease reversal now!

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